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Thread: Urinary infection from bedwetting? (in diapers)

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    Default Urinary infection from bedwetting? (in diapers)

    Hi. I was wondering could I have some sort of infection or irritation in my pernis (lol). I wear diapers to bed due to bedwetting caused by back injury. I have started to randomly feel a slight sense of "burning", which is still kind of an overstatement. Could something like this be caused by bedwetting in diapers? There is no rash, no pain but I do feel like It's quite harder to hold by bladder during daytime. Even with my incontinence, I have been able to hold my bladder pretty good at daytime (with a few accidents time to time), but now I feel like I've got to pee at least every 2 hours or more often and I don't always make it to the toilet in time. Also have some minor leaking all the time. So now I have to have pull ups during the day, which isn't in my comfort zone... Hopefully this has nothing to do with prostate? I am 24yo (actually yesturday was my birthday Haven't been to the doctor yet.

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    Hello'' happy birthday for yesterday, 1st I would say go see your doctor and see what he/she has to say about it, as the burning sensation can be caused by a number of factors ,but is most commonly due to bacterial infection of the urinary tract affecting the bladder.

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    Another question is how much water do you drink. Not coffee, tea, pop, or anything other than water. I know lots of folk with IC limit their water intake to cut down on the leakage. But water is necessary to also flush the kidneys and bladder or you could be looking at kidney stones or bladder infection.
    Like everything else we are not experts and you do need to get to the Dr,

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    As Ringer said, the less water you drink before bed, the more concentrated the urine will be with nasty stuff, caffeine can be an irritant.

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    I admit I do drink about 3 to 4 liters of coke per week. I don't drink much water before going to bed. Maybe I should try to cut down the cola and drink a little more water. I guess It doesn't hurt drinking a little more water before sleep, since I am wearing diapers to bed after all I'll wait a few days, if the problem doesn't disappear, I'll go see my Dr. PEPPER! HAha just kidding, I'll go see a real doctor

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    I just went through the same thing and it was a UTI.

    For me it took two tries with antibiotics to finely clear up the problem.

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    Go easy on caffeine (i.e. coffee, tea, etc.); stay away from colas and caramel-types of drinks because they are irritants. Drink plenty of water. If your urine is cloudy and not clear you might have an infection. Your doctor can check your urine and can prescribe an antibiotic if needed. Take the full course of antibiotic if he prescribes it.

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    Have been drinking a lot of water today and nothing else. Feels a little bit better and the urine is much clearer. Still leaking a little, but nothing a pull-up can't manage. I'll just have to see if the symptoms are gone before monday. So whatever this is/was, happened because of poor hygiene? I do take a showers (actually twice a day) and I always wash my private area carefully, especially in the morning, when I take off my wet night diaper. Is there something I could do to improve my hygiene even further? (and yes, I do wash my hands regulary).

    p.s. it's 00:38 where I live, if you were wondering me talking about whole day
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    Could be from poor hygiene or maybe not, but if symptoms don't go away in a couple days you should have doctor check your urine. Infections are easy to take care of with an antibiotic and you will feel much better. If it isn't treated you could end up in a hospital and infection might go into your kidneys.

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