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Thread: Im super scared

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    Exclamation Im super scared

    I was just browsing the internet just now and looking through abdl picture sites i went to one of those Picture sites that lead you to other picture sites
    i kept clicking through until i accidentally found a cp site as soon as i tried to exit it it sent me to a random set of numbers and letters where it wouldnet let me close my broowser and it poped up everytime that i was caught and my browser was being recorded for information probably still is i wasnt allowed to leave if i exited the page i was guilty but i was so freaked out i believed it had to be a fake page PLEASE LET IT BE A FAKE PAGE! so ctrl alt del end program. if i dont reply to this im in jail for searching "baby" too much in contexts of ab i dont want to be a sex offender! What do i do?????
    for reasons of proof and you wont be charged with anything by clicking i hope <Removed Link> PLEASE HELP ME IM SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!
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    Okay, to anybody reading this thread, don't click on any of the links that have been posted in the first post.

    After digging through this it's clear what it is, it's a virus and a pretty nasty one at that. If you haven't had it come up already it'll probably ask for a credit card for money.

    DON'T. I repeat. DON'T buy into it. Just get an anti-virus software going (I suggest MalwareBytes because it digs deep into your system and takes out any hidden bugs) and get rid of it ASAP.

    Don't worry Sith, you're not a registered sex offender, it's just that you may have stumbled upon a dodgy site that was infested with a bad bug. Just do what I've said above and you'll be just fine

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    2 in the same 30 minnutes?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just get an anti-virus software going (I suggest MalwareBytes because it digs deep into your system and takes out any hidden bugs)
    as sad as it is i have norton its free with my new pc for another 30 days is this gonna conflict?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sitherus View Post
    as sad as it is i have norton its free with my new pc for another 30 days is this gonna conflict?
    It shouldn't, MalwareBytes isn't known to conflict with other programs or vice versa. Just install, run it and it should be fine. Hopefully.

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    i just realized ive had this free trial 4 different times

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    I got stuck with this on a site for my robots.
    If you have something like Norton the have a whole set of directions on how to get rid of it
    reboot your computer and as it is coming up constantly tap the F8 key.
    This will boot the computer in safe mode.
    Then you should be able to go to the site for what ever virus protection you have and search on the problem and follow their directions.
    Malware bites is also good
    Hope this helps good luck

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    Yeah, that's a fake. You're not going to jail, but it is a virus. I had that pop up on me once a couple years ago while I was on facebook of all places. Best I could figure is that I accidentally clicked on one of the ads down the side. I did essentially what Ringer described to get rid of it.

    My brother in law got it also, unfortunately, being the gullible sort, he sent them $200 before he called me.

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    It's either a virus or troll gif.

    But let this be a lesson. Stay away from that type of stuff.

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    You may want to UNPLUG your internet cable from your infected system immediately, therefore, no transmission of any data. You can download the Malewarebytes program on another non-infected system, and install it onto yours WHILE in safe mode. I fix on the side, and some of the newer hijackware/spyware programs are actually booting into safemode too, making them extremely difficult to get rid of. As long as you are still connected on your infected system, it is able to send out info off of it, so disconnect, and do not run it until you are SURE that it is completely removed off, and them go back online, good luck!

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