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Thread: Best Cloth Diaper?

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    Question Best Cloth Diaper?

    What is the best cloth diaper? I want one that is waterproof so you don't have to put on rubber pants over it, so I might get the Gabby's Ultima Pull-On.
    Can anybody tell me about this diaper or a similar one sold in USA?
    Or is there something better?

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    My favorite is a “Baby Heaven” from the old DPF. It is a fitted diaper and has a removable booster liner that I can put folded towels behind for outrageous absorbency. It is really well made after 15 years it is still in good condition. I wish I could get more as I’ve put on a few pounds over the years. Of course a cover, rubber or plastic pants are required. I bought a Kennicare AIO, all in one, but after a few washings it leaked all over so back to the waterproof pants.
    Hears a link to a baby site with tons of good cloth diaper info. What kind of cloth diaper should I make? Cloth diaper styles defined.

    Have fun!


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    I get my cloth diaper's from are Adult cloth diapers (ACD) and

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    Kinda covertly hidden in their website, but they STILL make'em e=KCD]Babykins:]Miva Merchant: Fatal Error[/url] KINS Cloth Diapers[/url]

    Pretty hard to beat these:

    Quality Care / Indisposables
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    I second the plug for they make lined waterproof pullups that I'd like to try myself and they make the only plastic pant I've tried in 8 years of trying plastic pants that don't fall apart after a few uses.

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    I get my plastic pants from I like their Wisper pants with the enclosed elastic. The sell a lot of good cloth diapers as well.

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    They are not an all-in-one, but I'm rather partial to the Angelfluff pre-fold super heavy weight w/ velcro fasteners. They are stupidly easy to put on, no messing around with pins, the velcro has never come loose, and they are easy to adjust. But- you do need to wear plastic pants. But I think thats what makes them more fun, especially if you have ones in prints or bright colors.

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