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Thread: surprisingly professional interview on Jerry Springer

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    Default surprisingly professional interview on Jerry Springer

    Jerry Springer 10/12/1992 - Adults Who Act Like Babies (Stephanie/Tommy/Heidi ABDL FULL EPISODE) - YouTube

    there's the link and while I haven't seen the whole episode yet the opening interview is surprisingly professional cming from a show like Jerry Springer though this looks like it was very early. I'm not suggesting this is the most professional interview out there, but it is professional for him.

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    I think in the mind set of the time. It starts off strongish..... Then kind of turns into classic JS

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    ya happens around the 25 minute mark but it was going strong for a good while

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    even then Jerry seemed firmly in our camp

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    There's been some good interviews in the last few years. I always hate when the person doing the interview ask "have you had medical help." It just burns my toast.

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    That guy is so damn right! really admire his calmness to give a reply.

    I'm gonna take this part

    "In your own way, I don’t want to tell you how to find the balance in your life, I don’t want to say you how to find a nurturing in your life and I don’t want to tell you how to be accepted"

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    All the talk aside - what I always (no matter what's the topic) find highly despicable on those shows is the sensationalist set up it's all run in. The "format".

    For example why do the ABs present at the show actually have to be dressed up, why has there to be what looks like a play-pen, why do they have to be fed baby food by an ex-adult film star. The discussion on it's own (at least in the beginning) is quite good - but of course by showing extremes, by making it visually "outstanding" JS (respectively the directors) give it a specific dynamic - a dynamic to which the average guy/gal from the audience can only respond to in a specific way... then drag in that "psychologist" with his sensationalist statements and it's drama served on a silver platter.

    I remember one show with Riley Kilo... dressed normally, no diapers visible... that one at least in the beginning was pretty good....
    People will react different if they aren't outright confronted with the "extreme".

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    Well yes, in some aspects I agree with you. If I was an AB, I definitely would not appear on tv dressing and acting/role-playing like that. The interview with Riley was a bit more professional, even the NatGeo program was quite interesting, but I think there is no need to show to the whole world how is your life or you how live being an AB/DL or your friend's first impression about your secret. (I think she already knew that...)

    But we all know these TV shows (or at least the 90's shows) need to be made in that format to attract the audience behind the TV, if not, they would find it extremely boring or non interesting.
    I personally think the AB/DL world is a very delicate way of life we've chosen and it's not meant to be shown everywhere.

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