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    when your home alone what kind of diapered stuff do you? i like to just walk around and chill in nothing but a diaper

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    I used to live e on my own. And would walk around in just a diaper or pj paints. But I would always be worried a friend would stop bye at random. And they did/would all the time.

    Now I share a house with 4 roommates I never know if they are all gone or not. So I don't walk around in just a diaper.

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    I go crazy when I'm home alone... I get layered up in 2 or 3 premium diapers, login to ABKingdom, share some fantasies, and hope nobody shows up!

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    I love being home alone. I usually get padded up and chill out and drink lots of coffee. Can't forget the coffee my friend.

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    I still live at home while I'm trying to save up to afford a house. I don't get a lot of time in diapers because of it, but when I do, I usually try to have a large drink to make sure I'll get to use the diaper. I'll probably watch a movie or play a video game with no pants on and that's about it. Nice to not have to hide it on those rare occasions.

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    Home alone? What's that?

    I live in a house with 2 roomates. Not a bad arrangement but the best I can manage is to walk around in my footed PJs. Diapees would be out of the question, sigh.

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    I too have roomates so it's rare that I get time to just be in a diaper and I would wear under pj's but taking out the dirty diapers becomes a problem. The off chance I am alone it's nothing but a diaper I might even put on a collar and harness because when else am I going to get the chance.

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    Always home alone so I do whatever I want

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zpeed View Post
    Always home alone so I do whatever I want
    Cartman - Whateva, I do what I want - YouTube

    I'm hoping to build a reputation as the guy with a youtube clip for anything. Not making fun of you btw it just made me think of this.

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    only time I have issues is when someone stops over. I had someone here just this morning to fix my washer. Had to get dressed :P

    But I've gotten into the habit of keeping my dl stuff "secured" even when I'm not expecting company. Diaper cabinet closed and locked (friends' kids like to snoop), diapers disposed of reasonably well, lotion and powder out of sight, etc.

    I did have one close call, I bag my used diapers in 1gal ziplocs before tossing them in the trash, and I was setting them on the back of the toilet while changing. Kept forgetting them there. One day after an unexpected guest left, I went into the bathroom and noticed I still had one sitting there. Fortunately they didn't use the bathroom while they were there. So staying in the habit even when not expecting guests is wise.

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