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    Exclamation Your advice?

    Tomorrow my dad and I are meeting up with my boyfriend and his relatives at the hard rock cafe in our town. I've only gone to the movies with just him before, and we have never met his grandma, uncle, aunt, and little cousin. For some reason I'm incredibly nervous. I wish he was able to come alone, but they all want to meet me. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

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    Meeting the family? I think everybody dreads this. My family recently met my sister's boyfriend's family, and luckily they got on like a house on fire.
    Hope the same goes for you!

    I don't what to advise... Just smile and be friendly and don't make any horrible social faux pas. Don't make any jokes until you've properly assessed their sense of humour (if they have one).
    Eat nicely too.
    Although the apple doesn't seem to fall far from the tree, so just act in the way in which you act with your boyfriend (okay, not in exactly the same way) and you should be fine.
    Good luck!

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    What he said, come on got this!!!

    If you've ever seen the movie MEET THE PARENTS, don't do that!

    got it, FOCKER?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapeybabybrian View Post
    What he said, come on got this!!!

    If you've ever seen the movie MEET THE PARENTS, don't do that!

    got it, FOCKER?
    Meet the Fockers. Crazy movie, but I don't think either of our families are THAT crazy, but I'm still paranoid out of my shoes. I have impeccable manners around adults, so I should be okay in that category. But there's this looming cloud of fear I have and I can't seem to make it go away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapeybabybrian View Post
    Fear about what? You need to be more puh-sif-ik'
    If something goes wrong, like the family doesn't like me. Or his little cousin acts up >_> (she's 7) Or ... they get bored.

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    also, you need a cool name....people might not like you if your name is "un-worthy".

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    I think you should tell them all everything your into. LOL! Na you got this all day. Parents and the family are nothing. It's more important to make a good impression on his friends not his family. Just relax and have fun. Order the elvis its awesome.

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    The best advice i can give is keep calm and be yourself and everything will be ok.

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