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    Default A Little With No Nappies

    A quick query for you folks:

    My partner knows all about my little side; She is very accepting and we even engage in roleplay. But despite this, she is not entirely comfortable with me wearing nappies. She says that she is happy with her little boy, but that I must be potty trained.

    Now I know how lucky I am, and I am in no way going to complain about this. To replace my nappies, she bought me some Spongebob Squarepants Pants, and I love them!

    But our next question is, where in the UK (or online) can we buy more ageplay-suitable underwear?

    Any thoughts, from you kind people out there?

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    No idea, as usually it is covered up. I suggest some little style shorts and such to avoid seeing them. May not work for you but i am used to not having diapers. A lot of things that bug many abs do not bug me. For example my little side does not have problems with my pubic hair, while i have seen several topics and many posts indicating that many are bugged by that.

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    baby-pants make a trainer that is almost like a diaper you could give that a try

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    I agree that baby pants trainers would be a good option. They are thicker (they come in two thicknesses) and have some absorbency so you could still wet them (although you should wear plastic pants if you plan to wet but messing would be fine). They also offer the babyish prints. You can get them from their website or Amazon.

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