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Thread: Was I babied as a child

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    Default Was I babied as a child

    Hello'' I don't know if this is the right place and I'm not sure how this will go down with you and to tell you the truth I'm scared about what kind of reaction this will receive ,but other than my GF I have not really told any one about this so before I start I want to say I had a happy and loving upbringing and I am very grateful as I know a lot of people are not so fortunate in this world. From a very young age I was in Nappies right up until the age of eleven and twelve I had a bedwetting problem so for me at the time it was just normal for me to wear Nappies at night. Well this is wear it becomes awkward, I can clearly remember between the age of seven and nine years old whenever we would go on holiday when going on a plane or a long car journey I would be made to wear a Nappy or a pull up for the journey. Wearing Nappies at night was normal I understood I had a bedwetting problem and it was not my fault ,but when I was made to wear a Nappy at that age during the day when I had no problem staying dry I did not understand and I never questioned my mum about it or even ask her why I had to wear them. My GF thinks I was babied as a child and this could be why I have such a strong attachment to Nappies and told me maybe I should confront my mum about it and just ask her ,but I can only see it becoming awkward if I do that as my mum has no idea about my Nappy fetish. I thought I would share as it might help me understand what happened and may be someone else here has had a similar experience if not then, no problem thanks any way. Cody

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    You were most likely diapered on trips because your mother assumed that, being a bedwetter, you might fall asleep and have an accident or have one if they couldn't find a restroom soon enough. I don't advise asking your mother about it, because as you said, it could easily become an awkward situation.

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    I had a similar experience. I would wet the bed until maybe 10 or 12 years old, and i was made to wear diapers for long road trips as i would be sleeping in the back seat. I wasn't made to wear diapers during the day unless I wanted to, however herein lies the difference in our stories. I wanted to wear during the day because i felt comfortable in diapers, not because i needed them. When I dig deep into my past, I remember having enjoyed diapers and babyish things since as early as the age of 4. So while its possible that my upbringing could have caused my ABDL lifestyle, i retain the theory that it in fact has very little (if any) involvement at all.

    I've noticed that ABDLs come from all walks of life, from abused pasts to perfectly normal pasts... Some people seek comfort in diapers and babyhood items out of emotional safety, others out of fetish, others out of comfort. The community and the effect of such behaviors is SO vast, that its still not known what causes such a thing.

    I have a theory however, that it is a perfectly normal part of any mammal behavior. Cats, Dogs, whales, Dolphins, Lions, Giraffes, Elephants etc. they all engage in a form of regression for relaxation and stress-relief. I've read articles that all these animals engage in a behavior that is common for them at early babyhood and childhood ages, and they engage in this behavior fairly regularly. Who's to say that humans arent the same?

    Question: Then why isnt EVERYONE an ABDL? Because humans have this thing called "opinions" and it effects how other's live their lives >_< Everyone has an inner child or sense of regression, we just execute it differently. If a grown cat likes to tug at loose bedsheets because its regressive behavior from a time when they were kittens and would tug the loose skin of their mothers, then who's to say that wearing diapers and behaving as a baby or toddler isn't the same thing (since its what WE did as children).... I bet if normal human growth involved chewing on tree bark as babies, we would regress by chewing on tree bark.. it just feels obvious to me. But then again, this is just my theory.

    To answer your question more simply; While its possible that your mom may have babied you as a child, there is a 50/50 chance it either had a lot or nothing at all to do with your current fetish/lifestyle.

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    It may have had something to do with the formation of the fetish. Who knows? A fetish can begin anywhere and with anything, and the very fact that you had to wear diapers at night for such a prolonged period may have as much or more to do with it as the day trips. But I doubt that your mother was "babying" you; my suspicion is that, as Kimba suggested, she was simply being pragmatic. You were a bedwetter and there was a decent likelihood that you would fall asleep. It was probably just that simple.

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    I relate with your experience as well. I wet the bed until about 13 and wore nappies every night. And, as you have explained I was sometimes made to wear them for long journeys in the car. I used to kick up a real fuss with my mum, but she always won. She just wanted to make sure there were not any accidents. It is hard to stop halfway down the motorway to allow your kid to have a wee and there were times that I would want to sleep. It is hard for me to remember, but I think the last time I was made to wear a nappy during the day I was about 8 years old, possibly nine, which fits in with your situation.

    I was not babied as you have described, my mother was being practical. There were a few times when my dignity was shattered, but they are stories for another time. At the end of the day it is only your mother who can answer your question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    You were most likely diapered on trips because your mother assumed that, being a bedwetter, you might fall asleep and have an accident or have one if they couldn't find a restroom soon enough. I don't advise asking your mother about it, because as you said, it could easily become an awkward situation.
    Pretty much what i was thinking too.

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    i wish i could say the same

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    Thank you for your replies they have opened my eyes to the fact that its not so abnormal after all and by the sounds of it my mum was just doing what she thought was best for me at the time. Nice one mum

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    I wasn't a bed wetter, nor was I babied. In fact, my mom always stressed the "you want to be a big boy, don't you?" She made me fight my own battles, having to find solutions for bullying, etc. At the age of four I wanted diapers, and the desire has only increased as I got older. We struggle to find logical reasons for desiring diapers, yet we all have different childhood experiences. I understand your argument, and it makes sense. It just doesn't jive with all the conflicting information. That said, I too would like to know what causes this. Perhaps it is hardwired into our brains, as was suggest with the animal comparison.

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    I had some further thoughts about this thread after my first post and went a little deeper into my memories, of which I have quite a few.

    Although, from what I can remember, my mum did not baby me when putting me in nappies, I have some vague memories of staying over with family members from time to time. For instance, if my mum was going out for the night I would sometimes be dropped off at an aunts house to be babysat. Obviously she would need to put me in a nappy when it was time to go to bed. I can remember my aunt was slightly more caring when doing this compared to my mother. My mother would be quite matter of fact about it and just get it done. My aunt would take a little more time with the whole thing and talk more during it. Now please understand these memories are going back over twenty years so I am a little hazy. But I do remember her tickling me once while I was still laying on the floor after just having the nappy put on. I enjoyed the attention and the fact I was being taken care of. Also I can clearly remember my cousin, who is ten years older than me, play wrestling with me and patting my bum before getting me into bed, she made note of the nappy by calling me 'nappy bum' or something.

    Another memory I have is both my aunt and cousin being in the room as I was being made ready for bed and my cousin talking to my aunt about the nappies, I would wear, being much bigger than baby nappies. While this was happening I have some very vague recollection of her asking my aunt if I needed changing in the night or anything. Maybe my mum and aunt were going out together and my cousin was babysitting me, who knows. Again this adds to the attention I was receiving during these times and they are happy memories. With a lot of the memories I have, concerning my mum, I feel embarrassed or maybe even a hint of shame.

    Perhaps these kind of experiences have helped fuel my wanting to wear nappies now, maybe I want extra attention. One of my favourite things for girlfriends to do is to acknowledge and talk about the fact I am wearing a nappy and patting me on the bum. It is an intriguing thought. But in terms of being actually babied or being regressed, I don't think this ever happened to me, but I did like the extra attention I would receive.

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