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Thread: Diapers for everyday use.

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    Default Diapers for everyday use.

    - For the sake of this thread, assume concealment is not an issue.

    I know this isn't a new topic but I'm looking for a diaper to use 24/7 that is also the most cash efficient. I know XP Medical did a analysis on diapers $ per Oz but only covered mostly brands they sold (as one would expect).

    I am currently using the Tena Super (i'm 34 in the waist if that effects your reviews) which are absorbent but leak fairly easily under the normal pressures of sitting (140 Ibs) and have become a nuisance simply because of having to change frequently to avoid leaking. This of course can be remedied with plastic panties but I prefer not to wear them. Ordering online is not an issues although I prefer avoiding shady sights when making purchases (Bought the ABU sample pack which arrives tomorrow and am very excited!).

    In short, I would like your honest opinion for the best everyday/night diaper that can withstand being sat in while on it's way to capacity. Money efficiency is greatly welcomed.

    Thanks in advance for any reviews on this topic.

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    I also wear the Tena Supers, and with a baby diaper as a liner, if not two laid end to end/overlapping, they are good enough for me for 6+ hours, but I don't overload on fluids either. 4 wettings at least anyhow, unless you want to drop a lot more money on a superior product that you will have to order online, this may be a viable option for you. Abenas or Molicares would be an option, hope you find something that works better in the sample pack you ordered, let us know!

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    Good idea, for what ever reason liners escaped my line of thinking. Pampers are flipping good under pressure and can absorb a lot. Might be old news but I found the Tena Super Stretch (link below) which are designed specifically for overnight use and likely have better protection then the supers alone. Thanks for the reminder on liners

    Tena Super Stretch Briefs : TENAŽ Stretch Super Briefs - TENA US

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    Also on a side note, does anyone know of a good adult diaper pail? Just for reference i've looked at the baby diaper disposal pails and they are upwards of 50$ for a cheepo plastic bin that has a lever at foot level to open the lid; and of course a pail this size is not convenient for average adult diapers as they are to small. I've also looked at several products marked as "Adult diaper pail"s but they are in the range of 120$ which in my opinion seems excessive when a 5 gallon bucket and lid is more then enough to keep in smells and hold a decent amount of used diapers. If anyone has a better idea (Already built or concept) or knows of a good pail, please let me know.

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    Im actually passively looking for a good daytime or 24/7 diaper, i have been thinking about trying tena maxi from xp medical i hear they absorb nearly as much as abena x-plus. The only premium diaper i have used is abena x-plus, they hold quite a bit which makes for good value i could use 2 or 3 all day/night. the problem i have is x-plus(M4) are just a bit too cumbersome for me, i've been told that abena M3 hold essentially as much as M4, but without all the added bulk which makes you waddle and feel restricted. After seeing the tena super stretch u linked i think i might give those a try as they will be easier to put on and take off and put on again say for doing #2 in public.

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    I don't think whatever will be recommended will by necessity be the right choice for you - how well the chosen product works will depend on a lot more than it's absorption levels - FIT is very important, type of activities etc.

    I guess I can say, there's no miracle diapers (yet) that will work in any situation given equally well.

    For myself IF I have to wear diapers during the day (I mostly get by with pads for my IC issues) I either use an Attends M8 or M9 (very rarely my night time M10) or a Tena Slip Plus (rarely super - never maxi during the day).
    Personally I would really dislike wearing anything thicker than absolutely necessary, I prefer to void on the toilet as often as possible, I prefer to change frequently to stay nice and dry and clean... wearing a wet diaper for hours upon hours is something I despise personally and avoid unless there's no other way.

    any diaper will leak at a certain point.
    Also how much you will use them will heavily depend on diet & drinking habits...
    I am pretty strict there to limit the extend of my IC - to get by with the least bit of protection I can safely get away.

    And I employee various products, depending on the situation I will have to "face" during the day.
    For example:
    - average day, with good access to toilets and not too much driving around -> Tena Comfort Plus or Super pad & mesh stretch pants.
    - Day with a lot of driving and not too many options to use toilets or change -> Attends Slip M8 or M9 or Tena Slip Plus (maybe super)
    - Boarding airplanes (I fly a lot): I usually go through check-in etc with either a Tena Pad or a THIN diaper... and if it's a long flight I will change into my night time diapers soon enough...
    - situations where I know I will not be able to change frequently (or at all for a few hours): Condom Catheter / Texas Cath / Condom Urinal (or whatever name it can go by) and a calf-mounted collection bag with a flow-back protection valve and emptying valve. I can just hike my leg over a toilet, roll up the trouser leg and empty the bag.
    I'll stay dry and comfy and there's no leaking (if you find a GOOD FITTING product... took me LONG).
    - If I travel without access to supplies (happens now and then) I use my "home made" Cloth system from high-tech trekking type fast drying microfibre towels and Poly-Urethane "plastic" pants (those are breathable and far more comfy than PVC Pants - but I still despise wearing plastic pants at any rate) - however that system gives me the ability to travel for prolonged times, with minimal luggage and no access to disposable products.

    I guess you see, that there most likely isn't going to be the "One-does-everything" product... You'll need to find with product will work best for the different day-to-day situations you face.

    Also if you can (your profile doesn't say "IC" - so I assume there's no issues) void on a toilet when you can - this way you can preserve the product for a longer time.

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    we have a diaper pail made by ubbi. it's all metal, closes airtight, takes standard kitchen trash bags, and holds adult diapers just fine :-) i can recommend it. good luck!

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    I would give the new Unique Wellness Superio a try. They are comfortable, very discrete when dry, hold a lot when they need to, lock the wetness away well, and have the best leak guards of any diaper I have tried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    I would give the new Unique Wellness Superio a try. They are comfortable, very discrete when dry, hold a lot when they need to, lock the wetness away well, and have the best leak guards of any diaper I have tried.
    I'll give that a "me too". That's my go-to daytime diaper right now. You can use the "SAVE" coupon for 5% off a case of superio.

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    I also find myself searching for a good all around performing every day diaper. My favorite all around good diaper has been the plastic backed Abena M3, they are more comfortable then the M4 but perform just about as well. Unfortunately they are going away so I am trying lots of others trying to find something to replace them.

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