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Thread: Hello from Monkeydoodle London England.

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    Default Hello from Monkeydoodle London England.

    Hello'' my name is Cody i'm from London and i'm 22 years old i am a happy go lucky guy i love gaming and movies i have a GF that i love very much and she knows all about my Nappy wearing and is 100% understanding. I been wearing Nappies from a very young age i was a bedwetter so would wear Nappies every night to bed until i was 12/13 years old tho i was fully dry in daytime' there was a few times i would wear in the daytime ie like on long car journeys and i remember once when i was 7 i had to wear a Nappy when i went to america on a 9 hour plane flight. So, with wearing Nappies throughout most of my childhood i think that might explain why i still like wearing Nappies as a adult but i might be wrong. I would like to start exploring the AB side of this wold it look's fun and my GF has said that she will support me no matter what. I wanted to sign up to speak with others like my self and to find out more about this secretive world that we live in. Ps sorry for any spelling or Punctuation mistakes.

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    Hi Cody. I think you will find lots of good information here on ADISC. We've also got a bunch of UK people on here. It's great you have a GF that understands and supports you.

    Welcome and hope to see you around the site.

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    It's another monkey. Neato!

    I love your avatar. I think I shall have to steal it. :P

    OK, not really... but it is rare to see other monkey boys, so even if I don't like anything else about you, at least you got that going for you. Now I will actually read the rest of your intro and see if there is other stuff I like about you... Hehe! Well, first off, I like that you seem to have used the little cheat sheet thingy. That's good. It's awesome that you have an understanding GF. That can be kinda rare as well. I am married, and even though I have lectured others about how important it is to share stuff like this with your wife, I can't man up enough to do it. I think you have found the right place to sign up and become involved. ADISC has always been a great community for me in the past. I am not as active as I once was, but I am still here mostly because of what it has meant to me. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy yourself here, my simian friend. (That's a fancy word for monkey.)

    PS... don't worry, I won't steal your avatar, but I am curious. Is that actually 'yours' as in drawn by or commissioned by you? Or did you find it somewhere? Either way. I like it.

    PSS... did a google image search, found the artist, and that apparantly it is from a anime or something about a monkey king. huh... still nice though.

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    Thank you for your kind welcome and thanks for not taking my avatar Lol its from the old tv show (monkey magic). Yes my GF is my rock we have been together for a year now I told her about my Nappy wearing 3 months into our relationship it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do when I told her I broke down in tears and I think from that moment she saw that this was a big part of my life and was very supportive I am very lucky to have her. Thanks again for taking the time, Cody

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    A warm welcome from a fellow Londoner (Yay!) - quite a few of us here!

    Glad to see you have such a supportive GF. I'm sure you will gain much support from the site, also.

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    London, the place to be thank you for your kind words see you around on the forum.

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    Greetings Cody and welcome to the forum

    I must say you made a great intro because you told us a great deal about yourself.And it's great that you have a GF who understands and supports your AB/DL side that is a lucky thing my friend.And you decided to join a good place because there is no shortage of people here who have and will post helpful topics and help you to find ways to explore your AB side.

    Hope you enjoy the forum ^_^

    Ps.Awesome avatar

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    Thank you for your kind welcome I have spent the last two days looking around the forum and have found lot's of great advice and I really like the games you have here as it brings out my playful side, my GF has been reading some posts as well and in her own words said that she had no idea that so many people liked wearing Nappies and it's more common ,then she previously thought. I'm very happy I want to tell the world......... well on second thoughts maybe not the hole world.

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    Well that's great because this place is as much about advice and helping as it is about community and getting to know others.And yeah till I found this place I thought it was much rarer than it is and I was happy to find out I was wrong and it's always nice to have your significant other know and being cool about it since not all are.

    Yeah the games here are fun and bring out other sides.A lot of us goof off on the "Last Person To Post Wins" one but you probably already know that lol

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