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Thread: Cold vs Warm Air Temperature and Wetting

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    Default Cold vs Warm Air Temperature and Wetting

    I tired to do a search but maybe I did not pick the best search words, but does anyone have any opinions / facts about having wetting accidents when it is colder on your body (sleeping without a blanket on maybe in the spring) vs. being in a warm environment (sleeping beneath the covers and being so relaxed it just lets you wet while being a sleep still).

    I think most of us agree that stress is A BIG factor but what about external temperatures on the body? Personal experience is good basis here. I think when I am cool I have more wetting occur, but not sure why this would be.

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    As long as your not in a survival situation outdoors then wetting a diaper is fine. I know I prefer wearing in the winter time more then summer.

    But if I was lost out in the woods and had a clean, dry diaper on. I wouldn't be wetting in it, I'd be tearing it apart to use the fluff as tinder.

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    I too think a colder environment is more conducive to spontaneous bed wetting. There's something about being cold, shivering, having that "nervous" sort of feeling, and then feeling like you have to pee. I used to feel that way as a little kid when I was playing outside during the winter. Of course, I'm projecting that feeling to the here and now, haha.

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    Common thinking is wetting is more likely when itís cold because one does not lose as much fluid through perspiration. Without perspiration the bladder fills faster and the need to pee is more urgent. That doesn't seem to be the case for me. Both growing up and now as an adult I seem to wet the bed more frequently during warm weather. Suspect this is primarily because I consume additional fluid to cool off when itís hot outside. Additionally, Iím more active and consequently sleep more soundly during warm weather.

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    I can't cite any actual research but i understand that one reason why bodies excrete urine more in the cold is that it takes energy to keep the pee up to body heat - get rid of a litre or two and there is more energy to conserve heat around vital organs.

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    I didn't wet yesterday because I didn't want to be uncomfortably cold. A good part of my work is spent outside, so the last thing I needed was to have freezing cold wet diaper on my boy parts. I'm more likely to wet and enjoy wetting when the temperatures are more moderate, between, say, 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees F (sorry, we Yanks haven't gone metric, I can do pounds to kilos but we're a stubborn lot overall). Anything colder, I worry about rapid discomfort and anything warmer, discomfort and the diaper breaking down.

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    If your asking if the temperature can effect the chance to have a accident, then it might be.

    I heard with babies, when changing them, and when they "bless" you with a shower.
    I heard that may happen cause of the sudden temperature change(which is usually cooler air hitting them)
    makes them go.

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    I know when the weather gets this cold my urge IC picks up in frequency. The volume is less but I go more often. Sometimes no more than 30 min apart at times.

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    With the cold weather we've had the last two days I was afraid the bits were going to get frost bit. I've never had that happen and I don't think I want to.

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    I usually hold it in during the day (wearing pull-ups at the most), but when it's colder I constantly feel like I have to pee. It has been SO COLD this week that I've worn my overnight-style diapers around the clock for a couple days, and I haven't been trying to hold it in. The upside is I've been able to just let it go, but the downside is I've had to change diapers more often.

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