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    Unhappy Struggle help

    so my biological parents know of my diaper wearing and furryness. to which they are both semi-ok with. my family is a dont ask dont tell kind of family. they allow me to wear diapees in the house under the rules that i am fully clothed when not in my room. last year for xmas to myself, i bought a six foot stuffed tiger to sleep with which they dont seem to care. this year i bought a binky for several reasons, but i am just so afraid to let them in on this one. Ive always seen my cub age as 7-9 but now i feel that it may be 4-5 or 6. im afraid if they find this binky they might flip or raise very great concern. i am not an AB but i have grown interest over the years of wanting to try one. the DL stuff and furry stuff is never talked about, but im also trying to use this binky as a chewing tobacco supressant (it was suggested on a quit forum to put something else in your muzzle) so do i bring it onto them as that or that its related to my DL side? they know about both but once again its not talked about. or do i just hide it. i feel guilty with hiding things from them, cause when they found out about my diapees i felt intense shame.

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    also trying to use this binky as a chewing tobacco supressant
    tell any nosy parkers this.

    I mean if they have looked up diaper fetish, adult baby, babyfur, or any such they will guess a binky (sucky, soother, dummy) is part of being ab. I don't use one, I am a boring old dl, and use my sleepers or onesie/diapershirt as they are functional, eg camping or sleepovers.

    You have oversized plushies, and wear diapers for fun. Me too. Your parents have already met your habits and dealt with them sensibly. If anyone thinks your soother is to do with raves or "e" just set them straight. Besides, if they know about you being a fur, why would they not assume a soother simply goes with the territory? They don't know all the finer points of being a furry, or the difference between ab and dl, or where babyfur/kidfur/oldfur are distinct.

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    I would tend to keep this part quiet unless you get questioned. Parents never understand their kids.

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