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Thread: A toddler 24/7

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    Default A toddler 24/7

    So my Daddy and I have decided that for the next school year I will be treated like a todder (2-4 years old) every days when I am at home. This will include: 24/7 diapers (or training pants when we go out), sippy cups, bottles, little utensils, ect. I am currently on day four and am having probably the best time of my life thus far.

    Now, my question to this community is:

    Do you have any advice for us on how to handle this? how to make it fun? How to deal with messy diapers (Daddy doesnt like them much), as well as anything you think would be just generally fun to do during this... crazy time. I know its vague, and thats the point: I want to hear what this community thinks would be fun, what rules to have, what general advice you all have about this sort of situation.


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    That sounds like it would be really fun. As for the messy diapers my mommy won't change them so if I have to go #2 I tell her I have to go potty and she will take my hand and lead me to the bathroom since mommy has a weak tummy for smells. many that would help?

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    Your daddy should read to you before bedtime and give you a bath with rubber duckies. Buy an adult harness so you cannot run off when your outside. Also do some potty training and if you have an accident you should be punished.

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    Regular bedtimes and naptimes (if possible with your schedule, but at least during weekends) with rituals like already mentioned bedtme stories... letting him bathe you and cut your food into pieces / feeding you... sleeping with a plushie and of course playing with age-appropriate toys... Going for walks every day, trip to the zoo,...

    It's not my age range, but that's some things that came to mind!

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    2-4 years old usually don't shit their pants, so the problem is solved right there

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    Actually, it's pretty common for 2-year-olds to not be bowel-trained.

    If you want to mess your diapers, maybe Daddy could let you be a big boy and clean yourself up. If you don't want to mess... then Daddy could take you to the potty.

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    It is interesting you are trying to do 24/7 regression.

    For me, it is not practical.

    It will be interesting to see how long this lasts.

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    Just because you are playing a certain age doesn't mean you have to use your diaper a specific way, if you wanted to you could play a 5 year old and still use diapers it's really up to you and your daddy's preference, but I imagine it would be more imersive if you used your diapers all the time. Also I think someone else mentioned it but by a harness I know a website called my special harness has some good ones you might also try finding a booster seat you can use without being to uncomfortable. One last note while going 24/7 now may seem like a good idea it's also a good idea to take a break from it every now and then and be big for a while, anyway good luck and have fun.

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    Thanks you guys! These are all great ideas. I will defiantly have to tell Daddy about the harness website.

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    Rember daddy's pick what clothing you wear and what you order when your out.
    Of course you need to give daddy lots of hugs .

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