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Thread: Free AB/DL Dating Sites?

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    Default Free AB/DL Dating Sites?

    I was wondering lately after joining some sites (fetlife etc) whether there were any dating sites that cater directly to specifically AB/DL people, because fetlife seems to be more focused around casual sex and less around finding a life partner that shares similar interests. It seems to also classify DL as simply a sexual fetish rather than a lifestyle although this suits me fine as I am only DL I know that would upset a lot of people who do choose to live as an AB. Apart form fetlife i've only found another site which unfortunately requires you to pay for, not very suitable for a students income in my case.

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    I haven't used it myself, but I've heard of this site, which says "free to join"... Whether that means it's free, or whether that means it's free-to-join-but-if-you-actually-want-to-get-in-touch-with-anyone-you-need-to-pay, I don't know...

    I couldn't be bothered to register without knowing how the site works, but let us know if it's any good! | Home

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    There is a site called, it is more of a chat service where you can view and chat live to others. I have used it and can tell you there are many people that are looking for fun online and in real life. it is a little low brow but if its fun your looking for then it may be for you.

    Also you have daily diapers - and their dating service, diaper mates. It is free and you can meet others in your area if you want to.

    Hope this helps.

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    In order to contact people you need to pay on abdlmatch

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    Why not just go on a vanilla site like POF and be honest about your 'interests'
    Whilst you won't be inundated with replies you'll know that the females that do message you are either ok with AB/DL or interested in learning more.

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