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Thread: Would like to make art for the community...

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    baby kiffer

    Default Would like to make art for the community...

    Hello everybody,

    In my spare time, I would like to make (free) art for this community.

    I can make decent work, and if anybody would like me to make something for them, please submit a suggestion (preferably by private message) and I'll see what I can do!

    Please see the link to my ADISC gallery in my signature for examples--updated continually. Please do not request sexually-oriented material. I do not feel comfortable making such work, and I will not head down that path. Thank you.



    color theme:
    Reference picture (preferably for poses):
    vignette(character only) or character with completed background:
    Anything else you would like to add:

    EDIT AS OF JAN. 1, 2009: I enjoy making art for this community, however, it is not my greatest priority. I am a full-time student, and school takes priority over all other aspects of my life. Therefore, requests made after this date may be postponed for a very large amount of time. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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    Can I reserve a drawing?

    If so,


    I'll send you a PM once I throw some details / reference pictures together.

    EDIT: PM sent
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    baby kiffer


    I've made an outline, Priest. I just have a few questions before I proceed further. Please check your PMs as such.

    To everybody else: I'll be willing to accept a couple more; I don't want to overload myself.

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    Sure, I'll PM you. That is, if you don't mind and aren't flooded already. :>

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    baby kiffer


    Don't worry!

    I'm not flooded at all...and I like to keep myself busy.

    However, when school rolls around next week, things might change a bit...I'll probably only be able to take no more than one or two requests per week.

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    baby kiffer


    Yours might take a while, WraithFireorca. I have an image in my head, but it will take a few tries (and several practices with reference pictures) to render the colors and forms correctly. However, it will be really good once it is done!

    (I am thinking of trying to incorporate the watercolor feature, as well as airbrush)

    And as a side note, for everybody else as well...

    ...School is beginning to creep up on me, so I will need to set limits. Sorry to say this, but from this point forward I will need two to four weeks to complete requests.

    Lastly, I have finished the most-recent request. It is posted in the gallery, if you would like to see. (follow link in my sig below, please)

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    I'm not a babyfur or anything, but I'd like to see a picture of an adult fox in a 3-piece suit, gold monocle, ebony cane with a silver lion's head handle, no shoes though, and a very obvious diaper under his pants, hehe. I just think it would be super cool. Make sure he has a real fluffy tail though. I'm not sure if he should have a top hat, I'm leaning towards no. He should have a speech bubble saying something very high society like, perhaps about needing a change. Something like "Good sir, I believe I need a change!" or "Be a dear, and fetch my diaper bag from the Rolls" or "Why yes, I am wearing a gold diaper!" hehe. Of course, he needs a real charming smile.

    Oh oh! Make his cuff links little Carebears.

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    *points to above post and rolfs till his mouth bleeds* high class poshness gone wrong!

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