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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Smile Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone!
    I signed up here less than a month ago although I can't remember how I stumbled upon this site. Anyhow, I feel spurred on on introduce myself after reading through some of the forum posts and intros - it seems like a good and friendly place to interact.

    I have never written or talked about this side of my persona to anyone before either in person or online, so here goes the plunge - I will have to try and overcome a possibly irrational fear of giving way too much about myself (both here and in the other forums) which might reveal my identity to someone who might know me...but then again, if there was someone who knew me who is on here.....!!!

    I am MrHappy69 (not my real name lol !) which hopefully won't conjure up an image of one of the 'Mr Men' from the much loved children's animation/TV series from the UK in the early 1970s! (Oh happy days!)

    I have been fascinated with nappies for as long as I can possibly remember. Although my profile states both AB and DL, I am more DL, but definitely with more than a hint of AB. For me personally, there is a very blurred distinction between the two. I have never really gone in for full regression or role-play, and I don't get to wear as much as I used to or would like to, although this is largely due to lack of incentive rather than lack of desire. I don't think my feelings about this whole thing are something I need to come to terms with - I'm happy that I am this way and I accept that I will always be ABDL.

    I am currently a PhD student in London and in the past I have worked in the photographic industry. However, I feel at the moment that I have reached a crossroads in my life and not too sure what the future holds. I love classical music (used to be an amateur musician) and opera, history, all things vintage and nostalgic, and I like cycling in London. I also love cats.

    I am looking forward to contributing to the forums and maybe getting to know some of you, and maybe some of you getting to know me!
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    Welcome to ADISC, Mr. Happy!

    I know many here understand what it's like to want to wear in a certain moment, but finding that the situation at hand is fair from acceptable to do so. It can be so irritating! >

    Not to brag or anything, but I'm a bit of a WWI and WWII buff myself. Is there a certain historical time period that catches your fancy the most?

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    Hi Strawberry Raven!

    Thanks for your message of welcome. Yes, I do have a particular period of interest - approx. 1890s to the 1920s, with a slant towards English History. Although I'm not a military historian as such, WWI very much comes into my sphere of interest.

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    A little late to the party, but welcome to the site.
    People here are pretty nice and not judgmental at all.
    Classical music is great! Always been a fan. History is something that I've always enjoyed personally but never studied too much into it.

    Have fun browsing!

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