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Thread: Fluff free nappies, what do you think about that?

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    Default Fluff free nappies, what do you think about that?

    Has anyone heard about these new nappies in Europe, called Tojours? they claim to be the only nappy with no fluff, no soft fluffy padding I can see that it is better for the environment, well at least better for trees (the infomerical makes a joke of putting lumberjacks out of jobs)There is still the matter of disposal however.

    I can only assume without any wood pulp they are relying solely on a layer of SAP, I cant help but think of sitting on a thin layer of salt crystals trapped between some tissue paper, really does not sound very comfy to me!

    We all love a nappy change but I hate it when nappies change! what with the cloth feel covers and now taking out all the fluffy goodness. nappies are no fun anymore :-( here is link to an article about them. Press

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    Baby diapers..

    Will "never" get to adult diapers as we need the fluff for heavy peeing

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    This makes me wonder. If a diaper feels like regular underwear to an infant, won't that be a bit confusing when they start toilet training? Or, will it simply make the transition easier?

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    They will never take my plushiness away, you hear me, never!!! >:C

    But seriously, over at there are members signing up everyday, some days in the hordes. And as long as there is a community that has an interest in this sort of thing - regardless of whatever reason why one may have an interest in it, there will always be a market for it that will cater to the consumers needs.

    A few weeks back an AB/DL/BF named Kyle from ABU was pitching the idea of a furry printed diaper on; So that was interesting.

    So as far as the Adult market goes, I only see it picking up steam as of now.
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    I think I saw a similar thing recently I. A sanitary towel advert on tv. I would be interested to try one to see what they are like, wet and dry, who know, may feel even better

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    no offence bt i love my nappys with the fluffyness to them, i love the padded feeling makes me feeel perfect. to take away what i like to hope for with my diapers is jut cruel, mean and unfair.

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    Most of the fun for me is in the fluff. I would definitely not like this change, but since it is for baby diapers, I guess that I don't have to worry.

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    A nappy with no fluff would be like a bunny with no fluff, or a kitten with no fluff!
    Its all about the fluff!


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    I'm sure this product is for the genuinely incontinent crowd who don't want others to know they are wearing diapers. For that reason, it could catch on. They certainly are the bigger market. There probably will be the smaller markets for adult babies however, so hopefully companies like Bambino will continue to manufacture for our small niche market.

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