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Thread: Something discreet (bulk + noise)

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    Default Something discreet (bulk + noise)

    I work in a school and don't have the option of wearing jeans or pants which help hide the bulk and noise of a diaper. I'm wondering what you guys might recommend for a diaper that has very little crinkle and wouldn't have an obvious outline under tighter clothes.

    I usually use abena m4's or bambino biancos at home, but they are both quite noisy and the m4 is in no way discreet in its size. I have not found anything else that really compares to the absorbency of these diapers, so I understand getting something more discreet will likely mean a hit in the absorbency. Does anybody have any recommendations that would at least come close?

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    You work at a school and not allowed to wear pants? What do you wear for clothes? I am bladder incontinent and wear an Abena M4 every day to work and out and about. I wear pants that are just a little larger than my waist size. So far over the years that I have been wearing no one has noticed and if they did, nothing was said. There are many times, I am up in front of a lot of people and close one on one help in quiet offices. We here our diapers more than anyone else because we know we are wearing them. If you wear a skirt or dress, you could still wear the good diapers, and if you are scared of the noise, put on a pair of tights or some type of compression shorts over the diaper. I have some Gary Active Wear Pants that I sometimes will wear and they help cut down on noise too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checkingoutall View Post
    You work at a school and not allowed to wear pants?
    haha, not quite on the pants front. I was referring to pants which constrict the noise of the diaper. I often teach PE, so it's a lot of track pants and the like. Those are not exactly ideal for hiding a big old M4.

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    Sorry, just wasn't sure what you were referring to about not being able to wear jeans or pants to help hide the bulk. Since you teach PE, what about the warmup pants instead of cloth type track pants? I have a couple of pair that I use to wear around the house or if I went out to the store when I first started having to wear diapers. They really helped cut down on noise because they made more noise than the diaper did.

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    The warmup pants suggestion is fantastic. I just received a couple pairs over Christmas break and haven't worn them with diapers yet. I went and tried them on with some biancos (crinkliest ever!) and I couldn't even hear any crinkle over the pants. Brilliant! Thanks for the thought...I trust my M4's, but have been super self-conscious wearing to work.

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    If I don't wear my M4's when at work or out in public in front of lots of people, I get more scared about leaking. Now I wear mainly black dress pants or black jeans just in case of any leaks. With the warmup pants, I never worried about leaks because it would run down the leg and not show on the pants as much. But since I do at times need to dress more causal and at times in suits, warmup pants have been put away for home use or when I am away from home overnight staying somewhere. Will use them in the morning to go between my room and the bathrooms.

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    You might consider wearing something underneath the pants as well.

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    try the newer Wellness Superio diapers. They've fixed the tapes. Coupon code "new" will save you a little bit too. They're pretty thin, and have a plastic shell, but the shell is soft and very quiet. Capacity is very good, they use a lot of sap. (comparable to ATN) They're a great alternative to bambino when you need something more discrete.

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    Hi Coopsnoop,

    I am medically fecal incontinent and wear 24/7.

    Banbinod is quite correct. I did early testing on the new Wellness diapers and now am well into a case of the final version. I highly recommend them when discretion is needed, as with dress clothing or thin athletic attire. The urinary capacity is excellent and the fecal containment is great. The thinness permits women more choice of clothing. IMHO, I think they are much better than the ATN, close to the Tena Slip Maxi.

    Best wishes,

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    You could also look at the Tena Super. these are one tier below the Abena M4 and Tena Slip maxi level, have the cloth backing and bulk is somewhat less, but with a doubler, I have made it through the night. I have more than once worn them around in public for hours and no one noticed or cared.

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