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    I spend a lot of time roleplaying in my head whenever I'm in bed and dressed up as a little AB. I often imagine a kind, caring, gentle mummy or nurse taking care of me but recently I tried a different approach in playing the big and little sides of me.

    This morning, little Anthony awoke at 730 and I tried to settle him back down to sleep again but he couldn't. I tried him in different positions, adjusted his blankie and covers, fed him a bottle and a little solids but he was visibly distressed and anxious. He seemed confused and tearful. I know both little and big Anthony have trouble knowing what it is they want, knowing what they are feeling and asking for help. I talked to him and he said he felt unwell and seemed more upset. He was frustrated and angsty and his temperature was diffcult to control; he was having hot and cold flashes. I told him we didn't have to go anywhere or do anything he didn't want to do and I would stay with him and look after him in beddy-byes until he was better.

    Eventually, he explained he wasn't wearing a nappy and was terrified of wetting the bed. I immediately put him in 2 disposables and 2 cottons, just the way he likes. He had nothing on but his nappies but almost immediately, his symptoms vanished. I laid him on his back and draped his blankie over his torso. His temperature stabilised, his anxiety went and within 10 minutes he was fast asleep and slept soundly for another 4 hours.

    He and I are still together in bed. He's not feeding very well and won't finish his bottles or eat little pieces of apple. I'm going to make sure I stay with him and tend to him; he's such a gentle, shy little lamb and he needs me right now.


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    I myself am trying to "re-parent" my little self also. Widdle Tommy has a lot of "bad days", and needs lots of love and caring. I made him feel happy last night by allowing him to watch cartoons in his bedroom. Today Widdle Tommy is playing with his NERF toy guns and pretending to be a Policeman.

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