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    Hi i am babyangel96 and is ab/dl. it is actually the first time i`m registered at any ab/dl sites so i`m quite new to this. i love to fixing with my car and being out in the nature. i`m here because i want to get to know new people i can talk with and learn more about being an ab/dl

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    Hi babyangel96 and welcome!

    I'm new here as well, but I can assure you that everyone is super nice, so don't worry!

    As I don't drive, I don't know much about cars ... what do you like to do when you're outside? More things like sports or more like quietly enjoying the beauty of nature?

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    i like to take long walks. we have a beautiful summer house that we used to live in at the summer on a little island . I live in sweden and we have very much nice nature there.

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    Well, if you live in Sweden then I can totally understand what you mean (not that I've ever been there... only in Denmark...)!

    I like taking walks, too, but I live in a very populated area, so even if I walked for three hours I wouldn't get away from being surrounded by houses and cars So it would be walking for walking's sake and not for enjoyment, and that's almost a waste of time...

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    Where i live in sweden there is not som much People alround. If i Walk 15 minutes from Where i live there is just trees. But there are some places Where there live People all over the place.

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    Welcome to the forum and no need to worry about being new everyone here is pretty nice and fun to talk to so have fun and enjoy ^_^

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