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Thread: Another question on accessories

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    Question Another question on accessories

    Ok first off I want to thank those of you who have given me good ideas. Second as if I could not thank you guys enough in my blogs on here I want to thank you for tolerating me. I know I can be annoying but I feel at home when I am on this forum. You could have the best mods and admins but without a good group of members it can't be done. All of you have made this easy for me and acceptable in a way that makes me who I am without fear or doubt.

    Ok with all that said my question is; What is your preference on leg warmers?" In other words what makes or breaks a decision to purchase these accessories?

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    "New Years Greetings - - -"

    I would skip leg warmers - my experience with them is simply like a bad case of hold-ups not holding up.
    They do look fashionably great with some outfits but sadly I do not picture them as AB/DL Sissy gear.
    My personal preference would be for fleece tights or leggings worn under a short pleated skirt - diaper optional !

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    Leg warmers vary person to person on how they like them.

    As for me I love them. I love to wear like a solid opaque white or light pink(like ballet pink dance tights)
    then lacy cuffed socks and leg warmers.

    There are many kinds, and styles out there.
    Some will stay up better than others.
    If you have like a 99 cent only store,
    maybe a dollar tree they sometimes sell some you could try for cheap.

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    Thanks guys... I just sewn these together and all I have to do is fix the inside of them. Have to blanket stitch the seems to keep them from unraveling. I would just like to know if they look right.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    also this is my first time uploading an image this way so if its too big let me know

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    I personally see no use for them. I mean they're cute for halloween outfits and stuff, but otherwise they are kinda pointless :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyEmilyLG View Post
    I personally see no use for them. I mean they're cute for halloween outfits and stuff, but otherwise they are kinda pointless :P
    yeah I'm kind of with you unless your cosplaying as a 90's chick or something. They don't make me feel little or girly so I don't bother with them. I'd invest in tights or stockings instead.

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