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Thread: Spice things up?

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    Default Spice things up?

    Ok, to start off, I apologize if this is against rules or something but anyway. I find diapers sexual, as do many other members, so usually when I wear one I like to masturbate, but lately the same old has gotten really boring, does anyone have any tips to spice things up?

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    Live chaste for two weeks

    Don't know - sexuality is highly individual.
    I for one find diapers only partially sexual - if at all... so masturbation and diapers isn't something that's high on my list.

    Aside from that I guess it also depends if you have GF/BF... and what the common sexual preferences are.

    Basically I'd say venture outside of your own box - try stuff you haven't tried.
    Don't lock yourself up in routine - be creative.
    have fun.

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    Diapers aren't specifically sexual for me - it's like a good 80/20 split. I think the sexual turn on comes more from my wife being dominate during play time than the diapers alone. At any rate, when things started feeling... vanilla we brought other things into it. The things we tried, some were fun but not something we'd do again and other things stuck around. Give random things a whirl and see what's fun times and what isn't.

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