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Thread: Hey, wheres the bathroom?

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    Default Hey, wheres the bathroom?

    hahah hello everyone, im kinda new to this whole forum thing and ive never said a word to anybody else who was into diapers so this is kinda cool, im excited to see where this goes. To introduce myself, im really a beginner in the world of diapers, in the past ive wet on and off but im gonna try to be a little bit more consistant! Usually i just wear pampers size 7 and goodnites L/XL because they fit and i can get them easily but i would like to try some real abdl diapers! Also, im trying to get to a point where i can wet anywhere and maybe even the bed. If anyone has any experience with that, id be interested the hear the process!


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    Hello Papperednhappy and welcome to the group.

    Could you please take some time and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome.

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    Well welcome to the forum I'm sure you'll find plenty of answers to your questions

    How bout sharing with us about some of your non diaper interest if you'd be so kind

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    - - -

    Happy is the most important thing, pamperednhappy. I mean, chances are you will find diapers interest and fascinate you, for the rest of your life, and many can't be rid of their feelings about them, no matter what. You know, whether diapers are a turn-on, stress relief, an obsession, a compulsion, a post-hypnotic suggestion, an order issued by a dominatrix,or even the result of being possessed via a horcrux-diary, the main thing is you accept yourself and like yourself, warts and all. No, really, all those reasons I just listed are reasons people are into diapers and regression. My reasons may not be identical to yours or some other person's, but then again, they might. And think on this: though biological males outnumber females in this community, females most certainly do exist. I know some.

    Another thought to ponder is that while you may be straight, lots of us are gay or bi or even asexual... but among all of them are people who feel just as you do and about the same thing, and for the same reasons, whatever those may be. Fancy that. On here, or even at a live abdl event, should you ever attend one, you can rest assured you have something in common with lots of others Lots and lots of them!!

    We can be 5 years old up to our 80's or 90's. gay, straight, bi, or other. Furry or not. We have parents among us. I have had a burning desire to wear plastic pants since I can remember, disposables later, in my 20's... but I don't regress, no pablum or formula or high chairs for me. You are very lucky pampers fit you, though... affordable, fun, and gettable without drawing suspicion... and fully babyish, if that's your thing. Don't be quick to label yourself either... ab tendencies may show up later. I wish mine would. (seriously. More opportunities for roleplay, lots of fun that doesn't terminate in... (you know,) more media to enjoy (think Saturday morning cartoons) and the clothes. *sigh*

    Anyway... You asked some things. How to overcome difficulty wetting.

    Before I go on, do not overdo any of what I am about to suggest. Fun is fun, but anything taken to extreme can be dangerous, including fast motorcycles, high diving boards, rock climbing, or any kind of exercise. This goes double for any sort of drugs, including diuretics especially alcohol like beer.

    Seriously, if you are going to have fun in potentially dangerous though perfectly legal ways, I urge you to use caution, common sense, and do your research. Consult wise and experienced people. Read up on the matter first. Get training. This applies to firearms, explosives and driving cars. This applies to fun with fetishes just as much. Obviously dangerous things go without saying, but it's the things that are NOT obviously dangerous that are the most dangerous because the danger is hidden, and unexpected. Now you are 18 or more to be on Adisc. You are a grown up. Grown-up fun means grown-up responsibilities

    Right. No more rehearsing or nursing apart. On with the show.
    So. To answer your questions:

    Well, lots of us stand by the potty, and mentally go through the act of peeing, only there's a diaper under the jeans.

    In bed? Well, we potty train and part of that is developing a fear of what comes with accidents. Shame, embarrassment, scoldings, spankings by parents (who themselves need a bit more training at parenting,) hiding the evidence, and having to do laundry.

    So the better protected your nightclothes are and your mattress, the safer you will feel doing the deed. buy or make plastic pants. wear a bunch of underpants over the diaper, like 5 layers, with plastic pants on top. Use a rubber or vinyl bedsheet. Drink in bed on occasion to justify the mattress protector, you know, in case of spills; hot chocolate or kool aid or pop are some maybes. But make sure there is no way you can leak, and you'll soon get over initial trepidation and reluctance.

    If you plan to use a diaper in daytime, take a long walk after filling yourself with liquids. A large slurpee or supergulp from 7-11 works great. Coke is useful, as coke (or coffee) contains caffeine, which is a diuretic Eat some salty things first to build a thirst, I favor pepperoni sticks or potato chips. Do NOT use caffeine pills. Just because they are cheap and legal and don't need a prescription does NOT make them safe. Stick to a couple of coffees or cokes for now. I don't know your weather, but if it's somewhere cold, like here, (north of Montana) wear ski pants: they hide a multitude of sinning Bring a backpack in which is spare underwear, maybe spare diapers, depending how you feel about public washrooms, and changing in them. Speaking of winter, how about drinking a whole lot of pop, then taking a long walk along a route wih no public loo? Eventually you will be forced to wet your diaper. Then it gets easier with practice.

    In bed: obviously avoid anything with caffeine, like coke or coffee (even chocolate, if you are really sensitive.) Water is your best bet, and salty snacks to build a thirst.) By the way, when I was skinny, like a 28" waist, I bought 3XL plastic baby pants, worked fine. Ah yes, grade 8, tent camping, and plastic pants in sleeping bags. Good times.

    At this juncture, you might think about using actual towels as a cloth diaper, and learn how to pin them, and experiment to work out what size will fit you. Plastic pants are a real must though. Actually, you should be able to bus, bicycle or drive to a medical supply shop, and get size small adult plastic pants, for under $25.

    So that's some basics to get you going. I must repeat, that grown-up fun means a grown up attitude, which means knowing what you are doing, being cautious, BEING SAFE, and trying things gradually, learning as you go. I think it's foolish to yell a bunch of DO NOTS at a teen. I will not forbid... grown up fun means sensible risk-taking. Sex risks STD'S, unplanned pregnancy... or guns risk killing or wounding unintentionally, fetishes risk getting caught, or actual physical harm, especially messing with stimulants like caffeine or CNS depressants like alcohol. Some fetishes carry really serious dangers; diapers at minimum risk diaper rash. I expect you, and rely on you to understand that reward entails risk, and to proceed with caution. Fair enough? Everything above can be expanded on, and many more words could be said. Hmmm Here's an idea: search Adisc threads, especially in Diaper Talk, with search terms like "difficulty wetting" or "making plastic pants." Read and reread For more details and further suggestions you should create threads in Diaper Talk. There really is a lot more to be said about unlearning potty training.

    Best of luck, and welcome to Adisc.

    PS more Bugs Bunny Please do wear but wear responsibly.
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