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Thread: Saw a urologist for the first time

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    Default Saw a urologist for the first time

    I saw a urologist the other day for the first time. My problem with urgency has grown to mild incontinence in the last few months. It's one thing to have to go NOW and head for a bathroom in the next few minutes, but quite another to have to go NOWNOWNOW, which leads to leaks. Also, I found over the last couple years a lot of post urination dripping that has only gotten worse.

    The real kicker was when I found myself alone at a store with my one year old and had to go immediately. I guess normal people would just hold it, but I was in a quandry. He is too young to leave outside the bathroom, and has way too much of an exploring nature to be able to set him down in the bathroom, so I was forced to hold him and go into a stall and try to do everything else one handed, or wet myself. So, now anytime I go by myself somewhere with him, I have to be diapered because there's almost no chance I can go more than an hour. Since this has been almost this bad for many years, I hadn't thought much about it, but it has crept up on me.

    The Dr. wanted to put a camera into my bladder, but then he said a medical term I hadn't heard before. I knew I was different, but he said I have hypospadias, and from what I've now read, mine is minor, with the urethral opening close to where it is supposed to be. He couldn't put the camera in because the opening was too small. I had no idea...I mean, what or who would I compare it to? It's probably less than 2mm, but from what I gather, normal is 8mm. I can't imagine what the difference would be like, but he said that my bladder wasn't emptying completely (confirmed via a quick test) and that widening out the opening would probably fix my problem.

    Of course, this makes me cringe, but I would be willing to endure it to not have to go 17 times a day (not an exaggeration.) I'm skeptical that it would make that much difference, but I seem to have all the symptoms of the small opening, including a burning sensation. Funny thing, for me, that's just what it has always felt like to go. When I was born, they thought maybe there wasn't an opening, but they said everyone was relieved when I had my first wet diaper.

    Has anyone else had experience with this procedure? I wonder if it could somehow go wrong and leave me with some sort of permanent incontinence? I admit that it seems I'm headed that way now, but would rather not accelerate it.

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    I doubt the procedure will cause ic...

    But, depending on how much is needed there are a couple options...

    One it the cut, the other is stretching...

    Your dr say what they want to do?

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    He didn't say, but I've read that the cutting method is much less likely to close back up.

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    Whilst I am not familiar with your situation - I can only give you the general advice on medical procedures (unless emergencies):
    Get a secondary opinion before you let any doc operate.
    If the second doc gives you the same options & prognosis - well that's good... if it's rather different, well I'd do some more research before going with any procedure.

    As the saying goes: trust is good, but knowing is better.

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    I believe that the proposed surgery is quite minor, in about the same ballpark as circumcision in so far as seriousness is concerned. Nevertheless, getting a second opinion is always a good idea.

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    I've discussed it with my regular doc and he agrees that it should help and is no big deal. Now let's just see what happens.

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    Speaking from experience of tube insertion into (blushes) undersized equipment, I think the simple surgery with a very good chance of real success is to be preferred to the discomfort of having cameras inserted through restricted openings - perhaps more than once in order to diagnose more complex difficulties.

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    Yeah, I actually didn't see how big the camera, uh, tube?, line? was. All I know is that the doc immediately said that there would be no camera today. I still don't know when this will take place, but maybe this month yet.

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    Welp, a 2mm opening is a bit small, along the lines of that being normal for a 4yo, I had that issue when I was a young kid, corrected with surgery (they cut my sphincter and urethra open by an addional 3 mm from what I gather. Funny thing now is that now all my plumbing is a bit loose, and leaks now (some prescription drug interactions added after the fact)
    the last Urodynamics test I had, they told me to push as hard as I could, I did. I blew out their scale (couldn't measure the rate it was so high, saw the charts myself, maxed out) that was 20 years ago, nowadays, I attribute my IC to the fact everything is now too big and loose to hold well (anything smaller than a 26fr catheter won't thread now)

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    Well, I had this done and I can see that it won't be the last procedure. They ended up not cutting but just "dilating" the opening. While my flow has increased, it unfortunately has led to far too much spraying. Any time I pee standing up, I'm taking a huge chance of spray hitting my pants. My urgency is a little better, but recent dietary changes may be the cause. Since both happened at once, I can't tell. I would guess the procedure helped at least some in that regard. I see the doc again in a couple weeks, so I'll see what he says. By then, he will not be able to say it is still healing.

    If anyone is contemplating a meatotomy, it isn't bad, but the first day is a #$%#@ when you pee. It gets better quickly.

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