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Thread: dream Vehicle

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    Default dream Vehicle

    If you could Get Enough Money to fully Pay for One vehicle to drive every day and its appropriate taxes and registration fees. what would it be?

    im split Between a 3500 4x4 Dually Ram and the Hennessy Velociraptor

    personally i think i might choose a Fully loaded Raptor and heres why

    But i really like the ram's towing and functionallity.

    so what are your daily driver dream cars?

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    me like I have a f150 now and someday I could see me driving that

    now for the question i would pick a 1969 Chevy Chevelle ss 396 that would make me smile end to end

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    yeah but the sad thing is the truck i have now could probbly out run that raptor in 1/4 mile. but it's not built to go that fast off road. the only thing is my bronco has earned the title of "Tank" for being the most indestructable and resiliant truck i ever had. im affraid of weather or not the raptor could handle my driving. i don't slow for anything ill hit potholes, curbs and speed bumps full speed

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    I think my dream car would be the original EK Civic Type R. Engine swapped of course with a k20a.

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    Porsche 911 Turbo S because getting from 0-60 under 3 seconds every time I take off from a stoplight/stop sign would probably never get old.

    I recently drove one and it became my new dream car.

    A Mercedes SL65 AMG would be fun too, because a BiTurbo V12 with 738 lb feet is totally necessary for daily driving.

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    I used to own a 2010 6.2 Raptor... Best vehicle i've ever owned except for the 7-9 mpg's. Ford's claims of 15+ was way off. I would buy another in a heartbeat if i could afford gas for it, and NO, keeping your foot out out of the throttle was/is not an option with 400+ HP lol.
    I would not throw a Lamborghini Aventador, Lotus Exige, or Mclaren P1 out of my garage either :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtdl84 View Post
    now for the question i would pick a 1969 Chevy Chevelle ss 396 that would make me smile end to end
    My grandma had one of these (in arrest-me red). She was going to pass it on to me after I got out of college. Sadly, she got sideswiped by a truck and drove it into someones living room. No one was hurt.

    What would I buy if I hit the lottery? While I admire the aesthetics and technical elegance of many vehicles, i tend to think of my own cars like I do toasters: functional appliances. I want them to work when I need them for something, and not leave me stranded somewhere. I need a decent amount of cargo space for my outdoor stuff, like bikes, camping gear, etc., but I like a vehicle that handles decent. Bulky, bloated SUV's need not apply. Manual transmission preferred. As good as modern automatics are, I feel I get much better control with a manual transmission.

    That would put me squarely in something like a GTI or Mazda 3 because of the hatchback. No supercars or even sportscars, unless I decided to take up racing (closed course). Pretending to be Mario Andretti while everyone around you is just trying to get somewhere is immature and dangerous. If you want to race, then go someplace like Road America or Mid-Ohio and race the other doctors and lawyers with more money than talent. Otherwise, behave.

    P.S. i've driven a vintage 911. Unbelievable handling and performance. Totally impractical as a daily driver.

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    Im all over the place! I wanted the Willis wagon, the Jeep FC Pickup, and I have ideas for crazy *** but modern ideas like taking a Isuzu NPR /GMC/ Chevy W series and putting a pickup body on it and even odder to put a suburban body on one! Before GM pulled out of the medium duty market The C4500 pickup was my dream truck since I do tow stuff that heavy but I would have love to have gotten the 7500 or their largest model and done the pickup treatment to it.

    My current dream Vehicle is the DJ-5 jeep or the postal jeep. back when I was little they were still using them along with the LLVs which they use now and forever(I want one too) everything about them is "wrong" in the car sense, you can drive with the doors open, you drive on the left, it has no passenger seat although I could add one .I actually Have a 71 my dad and I were trying to fix up but its more or less just sitting since my dad is busy with work and im stuck on what needs to be done.

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    All time ream vehicle would be a Ferrari F40.

    But since you say its to drive every day I want a fourth gen Toyota Hilux 4WD Single cab flatdeck. Fully kitted with a Lexus V8, lifted at least 2 inch and an ARB locker in the rear.

    I could afford the ute I linked to but I would have to trade in my 2005 ford pick up (2WD)

    Edit: God dammit your thread has me seriously consider swapping my 2005 for a car made before I was born.
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