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    ok i recently dug out my old copy of the Original Sims and All expansion packs. but after i install them i hit play and a message comes up "another expansion pack has been installed after this one please uninstall and reinstall in order" i am 100% sure i installed them in proper order as this is also doing it with just the base deluxe edition and no expansions. any one ever have this issue back in the day or recently.

    BTW im using Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. and a PC with 30x+ the capacity to run the game

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    Have you tried installing and running in XP compatibility mode? With old software I find myself having to do that all the time.

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    Mine would do that. XP compatibility mode should help, but I vaguely remember having to give my user account full access to all of its folders as well after installing the last expansion pack.

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    i am currently trying full virtual machine XP mode to see if that helps, which XP mode was a bitch to get running on a high end AMD System because of the Bulldozer BS AMD uses.

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    That should work too, probably a bit more effectively. I tend avoid XP mode unless an application just refuses to run any other way.

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    well it still froze up and glitched out in xp mode too. i think i figured it out though i just reinstalled it AGAIN in windows 7 Compatibillity mode only this time i moved it from the solid state drive to a conventional disk drive and it seems to be running flawlessly so far

    So i guess Sims 1 HATES SSD

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