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Thread: Thinking I should go up a size

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    Default Thinking I should go up a size

    I wear mediums right now. I'm a guy with a size 28 waist and weigh 130lbs. Large might not be tight enough in the waist. The problem I'm having though is that when I'm erect, it is tight and uncomfortable down there. Any of you guys have this issue?

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    Woah, I'm about that size (29' waist), and I haven't had that problem at all. Heck, I always thought most medium diapers (aside from bambino, which run a bit smaller) are too big on me.

    Perhaps try pointing 'up'...?

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    I have a 34" waist, weigh about 150 pounds and I usually wear mediums. Once I bought large by mistake, and they were HUGE. There was no way I could tape them up securely enough to not leak. I ended up cutting off all the tapes and surrounding plastic, and just using them as pads inside briefs. I really don't think a large size will work for you.

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    I have a lil bit of a bigger waist.(low 30s not sure since I never measured)
    Tho mediums always been good enough for me.

    Diapers were not really designed to be erect in.

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    You could try applying the top tapes a little looser, that way when you are erect you have some more room up the nappy for your tall fireman.

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    No, they would be huge on you and leak because they fit poorly. YOu could technically wear small abena's.

    2 things to fix this.1: point down so your unable to get hard, or 2 just wait until it goes down. The more you wear the more normal it will be to you and youll get hard less because you are used to it.

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    Pointing down is the way to go for sure. If the diapers are too uncomfortable...and you're pointing up....then you're probably taping the diaper up too tight and it won't matter how big or small the diaper is lol

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