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Thread: UK: Tena Slip Boycott?

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    Default UK: Tena Slip Boycott?

    Hello everyone in the UK. It is common knowledge that UK Tena Slips are headed for a sort of plastic-less future. Here is a solution. When the (un-positive) change has happened we must all -ABs DL, Infantilists, UK Littles and any other UK nappy-related lifestyle-ers - boycott Tena Slips (I mean who's going to continue with them anyway - there'll be no enjoyment factor). Petitions don't work but if the money income of a companies bad then they're (said company) are bound to back-track on their mistake. Boys in cots get ready to boycott! (he typed with a grin) And not just you but everyone else. Boycott Tena Slips with me! (Please!)

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    I imagine that the AB/DL community is a very small demographic for a company that sells incontinence products. Thus, a boycott would, in all likelihood, be ineffective.

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    I used to live in the UK (part of my childhood and then later again) and still spend time there - like a lot of time.
    So I am customer of TENA in the UK for some of my Incontinence products.
    And aside from being IC I am a DL as well.

    However I LOVE the new cloth backing - I never much liked sweaty, sticky all plastic diapers that make me feel like wearing a plastic garbage bag.
    So I for one honestly welcome the switch to cloth covers if done right.

    And I had the chance to try the new Tena line of product and have been very much positively impressed by them.

    I used to wear Tena Slip most exclusively aside from the time when I use pads (Tena Comfort -they've been cloth backed for a long time and work really well and are almost not noticeable).
    I switched to Attends Slip Regular M8-M10 - for a few reasons:
    All cloth side panel (so much more comfortable - especially around the warmer seasons).
    No Pin-Hole problems
    The plastic tenas suffer from the damn pin hole problems and they're crinkly like crap.
    Whilst the new cloth backed ones really are for more comfortable from a day to day / night to night perspective - at least of someone who needs the product for medical reasons.
    Also I love how they've gotten thinner and thus more discrete.

    I guess once tena has finally switched completely to cloth I'll switch back to that brand.

    So no, I for one will certainly not support your boycott.

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    I won't either I'm afraid. The majority of people that use Tena products do so because they need to. I'm guessing that these people would prefer them to be discrete and therefore crinkle free, whilst feeling as near to normal underwear as possible.

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    I am a cloth-backed fan, so I support Tena's switch towards cloth-backed products. Although I enjoy plastic-backed as well, I prefer cloth-backed.

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    No. I'm a fan of Tena Flex which has the cloth backing already, and IMO they're the best cloth-backed ones out there. They're comfortable, discreet, don't make me sweat and they don't leak. I will be more likely to buy cloth-backed Slips than plastic ones.

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    Honestly I'd imagine that the vast majority of Tena's market revolves around places like nursing homes/hospitals and the like. As much as I'd like to think the abdl population could have an impact on what they do with their product lines, I'm kind of worried the numbers simply aren't there.

    What's worse, the much larger crowd I mentioned before would probably be lobbying for the exact opposite. Even if the cloth option isn't as good wicking/absorbency-wise, the trade off (more discreet, user friendly diapers for a crowd that's so concerned about self-esteem that they refer to them as 'briefs') is probably better in their view.

    At the end of the day, money is going to be the deciding factor in Tena's decision, and they get WAY more money from markets other than the abdl one.

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    To be effective, a boycott has to garner substantial public support and/or make a legitimate dent in revenue.

    I would assume we make up a very small chunk of Tena's customer base. If every AB/DL out there participated, it would probably be a tiny blip. I also don't see mass media jumping on this cause nor large scale public outrage.

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    I won't be taking part in the boycott. I don't have a problem with cloth backed diapers as long as they are well made. In some cases they can feel nicer than plastic.

    As mentioned above, TENA is not a company who has the ABDL community in mind. The biggest customer is probably the NHS. As long as they're happy (which I'm sure they will be as this switch would have been run past them a long time ago and they are still the main supplier for them alongside Attends) this is going to go ahead.

    If someone in the UK wants a plastic ABDL diaper, go with Cuddlz.

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    I am from a generation that wore plastic backed when growing up, part of me always will prefer plastic backed. Unfortunately the reality of the world is that products move on, change and improve. I remember when all baby nappies were plastic backed, you will be very hard pressed to find these now in any form.

    My mother works in a care home and they use Tena products, she explained to me that the residents who use the cloth-type Flex pads seemed to have healthier skin and less chaffing or soreness. She went on to explain that the residents themselves were not fond of the plastic backed Slips as they were noisy and gave the wearer less dignity. So from a company point of view this seems like a logical step that will prove to make them more money as they will improve their product for the intended audience.

    From a plastic backed nappy lover, who really enjoys Tena Slips, I am disappointed, but I have just searched the Cuddlz website and will most likely move onto their products once Tena finally make the move. In the meantime, I will have to formulate a plan to stock up as many cases as possible, so I can prolong my love affair with Tena Slips.

    I will not join a boycott out of choice, it will happen of its own accord as I will buy a different brand that is suited to me. I wish Tena the very best of luck in fact as I have used there products for many, many years during my bedwetting phase and on-going since I became a DL. It is a sad, fond farewell rather then an angry gesture of boycotting.

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