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Thread: Diaper related dreams?

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    Default Diaper related dreams?

    Have you ever had any diaper related dreams? I myself have had quite a many. Before I bought any diapers, my dreams usually were about me buying/getting diapers. Not so much about me wearing them. But after I made my first diaper purchases my dreams have mostly been about me wearing them and pretty often, as I begin to think about this, about getting caught wearing them. But anyway, what kind of diaper related dreams have you had?

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    Ok this is weird because all of my dreams involve diapers. I always end up at school or in a hospital or somewhere with a nurses office and i always end up raiding the cabinets looking for diapers. I always find some but i never get far enough in the dream to put them on :/

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    As a matter of fact I had one last night. I was at the grocery store and saw some Tena Slip Maxis on clearance. I had, in real life and in the dream, decided to cut down on diaper purchases this year. So in my dream I went through the store and thought, "Do I really want to get those? What the heck! They're on clearance!" So I went back but then there were people standing around and I got nervous. So I walked away deciding to come back later. End of the dream segment... Anti-climactic, I know.

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    I had one a couple of nights ago. I was in public, casually talking, and wearing the diaper I was actually wearing while dreaming. I've also had the dream of being much younger, and finding diapers. Sometimes I'm back in college, and I enter my dorm room, and there on the floor are diapers and plastic pants. I try to gather as many as I can and put them in my closet, all the while trying to put on a diaper. This dream always gets interrupted, damn it!

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    I used to have a lot of wet dreams, and every single one of them that I could remember involved diapers. Shows how firmly planted they are in my brain.

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    I very rarely do nowadays, but when I was little I used to always have dreams of being back in diapers again. I had a dream like that sort of recently, though.

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    I have the sterotypical naked at school dream all of the time and half the time I'm wearing jut a dipaer to school as opposed to nothing. Aside from that though wet dreams are few and far between for me and I only recall one that involved diapers. I could've just forgotten the dream though that happens a lot.

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    I have dreams that I get caught wearing a diaper and found out about my adult baby side. I hate those kind of dreams and then I usually wake up in a sweat and think, "oh good it's just a dream." And other times I have good ones about wearing diapers and being so little and not caring at all that people are around but it usually depends on the person I'm around in my dream to feel that way and every so often I will have a strange one where someone is changing me into a diaper and feeling embarrassed but it quickly goes away because my mind feels so little and it's usually someone I like and trust with stuff like this that is changing me.

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    I had a weird diaper dream a couple days ago where I was in high/middle school again and for some random reason all the kids were put in bambinos and made to walk around the track. There was a lot more, but I forgot the rest XD

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    I have diaper dreams all the time. I never ever have the completely naked dream that many people have. My version of that dream is that I'm somewhere that I go all time time, such as work, or home, or someone's house, and there are people around that I know. In real life these people don't know about this part of me at all. I'm diapered and wearing footed pjs and thru the whole dream I'm usually thinking, "I can't believe I'm doing this and exposing myself publicly." The people in my dream don't raise a fuss about it and maybe just accept it.

    There are a few other versions of these dreams, too, such as I've found a stash of diapers and I have to try one on right now.

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