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Thread: Okay so I need some help if its no bother :p

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    Question Okay so I need some help if its no bother :p

    [B]Heres the deal]

    My names Nick and i have recentlly told my Girlfriend Sara about my attraction and comfort i get out of the idea of being regressed being little again and she was amazing about it i quit alcohol a few months back and i was really stressed and about to get jack and she stopped me she came in and talked to me like a baby and wraped her arms around me and it helped i mean i was suprised but it was like my problems just melted away and nothing could harm me with her around however we havent moved into togother and im in colledge so i only get to see her about 3 or 2 nights a full week and sometimes not even once she told me to get on here and ask for links or audio of other girls giving baby talk or stuff like that so hear i am asking is there any 1st person point of veiw audio with babytalk or just babytalk audio links it would help me get through the weeks without her so please help me

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    You know, that actually sounds pretty interesting. If there isn't a site for that kind of thing, someone should make it.

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    Why not record her doing it .
    It would mean more to you any way .
    See if she mite do that for you.

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    Well there is I need a mommy its a video site.
    But you will need to find it Im not shure its ok to post link there are some on YouTube trailers .
    Hope it helps

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    Search Youtube for ASMR "lullaby, Mother, or Babysitter". They really help me when i'm stressed. The fingernail tapping videos are really relaxing too!

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    There was a site called I need mommy or something that had first person babies looking at mommies. The mommies would ask the camera (the baby) if they needed changing or get mad if they wet themselves etc. I tried to have a little look but could not find it. Good luck finding what you need.

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    If the site was made up of volunteer mommies, daddies, guardians, etc then I would try it. Otherwise (if I have to pay for it) I wouldn't.

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    omg im so dumb i shouldve thought about that lol i will get right on that you totally fixed my problem thanks

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    problem solved i asked her if we could record some and she totally agreed i cant beleive i didnt think of that thanks for the support

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    It sounds like your gf is really supportive, congrats have fun

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