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Thread: Need help with next purchase (size issue)

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    Default Need help with next purchase (size issue)

    I need a "diaper expert" opinion on what I should order next to achive optimum fit/comfort. I live in the USA, I am short standing 5'3" on a good day, I have a 33" waist and weigh 165lbs (just started working out/eating better, loosing weight), I have $175 to spend and want a case. I seem to be inbetween medium/large diaper sizes as far as front to back demensions are concerned v.s. fit/comfort. Mediums fit better front to back and hide under clothes (a must) but feel tight due to the cut of the backing. Larges feel better around my waist but ride to high on my tummy/back and are loose in the crotch. I usually buy large diapers and stuff them with pads to take up room (and add bulk/capacity) which is fine for home wearing but I want something I can wear out and about. I recently tried sample packs of Bambino Teddy and Bellissimo diapers (1 medium and 1 large of each). Long story short the large bellissimo fit the best but I was not impressed with quality of the diaper for the price and the bulk is a bit much to hide. I had a pack of large Cushies (added pads for slack) but would not trust them out and about if I bought mediums. The only mediums I have tried recently are Tena slip maxi euro diapers (awesome diapers!). Over all they fit well front to back but feel tight and seemed to stretch alot with normal movement (atleast they dont break or come undone. For all these reasons I have been wanting to try Dry 24/7 diapers which I understand run bigger in size (mediums would probably be perfect!) but I dont know about the bulk for discrete wearing and oh yeah not in production currently. I was thinking about Abena M3's from XP but don't know about Abena's sizing AND THOSE TOO WILL SOON BE HISTORY! Seems like I need: mediums that run big or larges that run small, high capacity and some what discreet under clothes (I would sacrifice discreet for capacity). Any advise will help and be appreciated from the diaper experts on adisc!

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    Before you spend a lot money on a case of diapers I would buy sample packs of diapers in various sizes from a place like XP Medical and see what works for you. Then you can make your decision on what works best
    for you. There's a good possibility that the Dry 24/7's will be out later on this month.

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    Of course I will buy a sample pack first before spending a lot of money on a case! I just wonder if any one can inform me from their own experience and steer me in the right direction so to speak. For example if someone wrote back: " Abenas tend to run slightly smaller in size than tena slips or other diapers, so I would try a large" (or the opposite) . That would be helpful and I would order a sample of Abena's size large. Or if someone suggested another brand I haven't considered and said they tend to run bigger than other diapers I would try those in size medium. When I ordered the Bambino samples I could not believe the size difference between the mediums and larges! But I knew from peoples reviews that the Bellissimo's tend to run smaller than other normal larges and sure enough they fit me the best, I just don't need a $3 diaper every time I want to wear.

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    Hi there
    I knew that it would be a traumatic experience (I was not wrong) buying my first pack of diapers so wanted to go into the shop and be out as quick as possible. I found the manufactures very helpful and sent me a good selection of pull-up samples and this allowed me to make the correct size decision with pull-ups. When it came to taped diapers this was completely different as I made such a mess (I look back now and have a good old laugh at myself and this gives me a lift if I am feeling down or sad) of fitting the one sample I was sent that I made the best guess. Having samples first helped me though the embarrassment at the shop and allowed for a quick in and out.

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    Can someone give me an idea about Fabines? Do they run small like Bambino Bellissimos or are they sized bigger? Will the mediums actually fit me (medium will fit 28- 42 inch waist and the large will fit 40 -52 inch waist) or like Bellissimo's should I order large? Most importantly are Fabines worth spending $300 on a case of 80?

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    Fabines are probably made on the same machine as the bambino line, and they fit the same, about 1/2 size small compared to most other brands. I think diaper fit is really a personal preference in most cases. If the top tapes don't reach each other, technically it's not too big on you. The fit I personally like to have myself is where the top tapes are about where the factory folds are in front, about 4-5" apart. I see people complaining about a diaper being too big when the top tapes are getting within 1-3 inches of each other in front, and really that's on the large end but still is fitting, at least according to waist size.

    (I believe that maximum size is more a problem of getting the lower tapes to reach the front, they usually land short long before the top tapes)

    I don't have any medium fabine or bambino here to measure. Can someone with one of those open them up and measure the back panel from tape to tape? Whatever that is, we'll add two inches to account for the tapes being open, and you'll have your minimum waist size.

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    Thanks that helps! Medium Bambino teddys fit but fit tightly (bottom tapes are tight) and medium Bellissimo's are just too tight and small. Large teddys are too big front to back but large Bellissimos are ok. That being said I should probably try large Fabines if I do get any but I know I can't wear them out in public so that is counter productive! If I buy a "super diaper" it might as well be Bellissimo's because they are cheaper. *agghh* I should probably stick with medium Tena slip maxis for public wearing. I have two ABU ultra sample packs on there way (medium and large) so I will see how several brands compare on me. I can't wait to compare the medium Abenas vs. medium Tenas!

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    In my experience, I have a 36-38in waist. I am on the high side of medium Bambino diapers and find the large to be more leak prone. This goes for all brands as it seems like I am stuck in between two sizes.

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    exactlly my problem! Which is why I need a medium that runs big (Dry 24/7, ??) or a large that runs small (Bellissimo, ??). My abu ultra sample packs come tomorrow, yeah!! When Drys come back I'm trying them, just hope they did not change them too much!

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