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    Hello there! I'm a diaper lover, and came here to learn about others.

    My hobbies include gaming(my fav platforms are PC and PS3), reading, and sometimes drawing.

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    Welcome to the site!

    We're a generally friendly community, so a good place to learn if there is one. Our Article system is quite useful for basic information on a lot of things, so it's a good place to start.

    What sort of things do you draw, if you don't mind the question?

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    I don't mind! Just general stuff, animals, OCs, furries.. But i'm not good at it, so it's been a while since i've last drawed. I really much would like to continue again, but everytime i pick up the pencil, i just cant do anything because i think it will be bad anyway.. My BF draws real good, so if i want anything i just beg for him to do it

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    If you've the time and inclination, the IRC Channel some times gets active, and it's definitely quicker responses than the forums

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