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Thread: Join my minecraft server :)

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    Default Join my minecraft server :)

    So as I have promised for a couple of months now on the adisc minecraft group page, I'm bringing minecraft back to Adisc!
    Repost from the group page as I know not everyone knows about the group.

    "As we ring in the new year I felt tonight was the night to open its doors and let Adisc in

    There is a bit of pre-setup work before you can play. I posted a pretty detailed getting started page here: Getting Started: Setup

    I'll be posting an updated list of rules later tonight.
    [Update] Still in the process of updating the rules. Was too tired last night :P

    Also I will post the whitelist registration link at 12AM EDT! You will not be able to enter my server without being on the whitelist.

    To add your minecraft account to the whitelist go here:
    Use username: adiscuser
    Password: adiscapproved

    My server is running a customized version of Feed the beast: Unleashed mod pack 1.5.2
    To get people started there are some community perks such as free power/water/fuel/and jet fuel. You just need to build a tessaract to take advantage of these perks. :P"

    Take this as my official invite for anyone on adisc that would like to play minecraft Also if anyone has experience with managing minecraft servers let me know. My new job makes it hard for me to always be around to fix my server xD

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    This looks like a lot of work I'd be willing to do it though, but only if there's a nice sized community playing it. Is this an adisc only server, or are there other like-minded people from other sites on too?

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    At the moment I've only personally invited the Adisc community however I gave permission to Grizz to invite people on :P I want to say I might be a fur but I just don't know yet I may have a fursona but I haven't decided on a name yet hehe. The server has been up since August 2013, but I only invited a few people to test. Now that it's pretty much setup I'm going to open it up. BTW Special Thanks to Zhoarnoth for the spawn tree :3

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    This could be fun,

    Looks like there's some permissions issues though, can't interact with anything at the moment.

    EDIT: Looks like you put some time into the spawn, nice job.

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    awesome man. I was board so I decided to just say screw it and check it out anyway. I don't seem to have any perms though

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    Ya... Sorry about that.... for some reason I have to remake the permissions file xD

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    OK sorry for the rough start xD I put in a temporary fix for the backup problem I was having. As for perms users can build now... I'll keep working on perms later. As for that rollback I was talking about, I didn't need to after all so you guys can go back on. Anyways I'm done for today xD I need sleep for work. Have funs

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    Definitely will play on here , and if you need any help with upkeep or moderating or the like I will be glad to help.

    I will get on once I figure out why I am recieving missing ID statements for Power Converters...
    Last edited by ShadowDL13; 04-Jan-2014 at 07:32. Reason: update.

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    Seems there was a new update that went out. The server will be going down for maintenance and updates. For new players that will be joining the server please hold off until after the upgrade.

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    I'm seeing a lot of people trying to join and not being able to so I'll post this. lilaznboy did update the server, so you'll have to re install those mods after you update your client. There's one more step because there was some item ID conflicts with the new version and GalacticCraft.

    Go to where you installed FTB (It's under options in the launcher) and to go "Unleashed\minecraft\config\Galacticraft"

    Create a folder there and call it old or something, this is just to backup the two .conf files you see in there. Just move those two files into there so they are backed up.

    Create a new text document and open it, go here, copy and paste everything on that page into the text document. Save it and then rename the file "core.conf"

    Create another new text document, go here, copy and paste it into this new document, save it and then rename the file to "moon.conf"

    All done, should work now.

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