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Thread: Happy new year from babymitchy ;-)

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    Thank you Mitchy. Same to you little guy.

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    May your tapes be merry and tight
    And may you sleep in diapers every night

    Boldog újévet!

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    I got freaked out by this google doodle. It's the implications. The three goes away so the four comes in and dances instead... and the three is like, sweating and exhausted over to the side. He danced for what, like one entire year. That's bad enough. But there's that two all the way to the side who is expected to stay dancing for like, 1,000 years. And it's creepy that Four just can NOT wait his turn. Look how excited he is! He watched his number brethren get slowly tortured and he's just so thrilled for his time to shine. I think they're all brainwashed, if you ask me. It's probably some kind of thing in number-world, where they think they're doing it for a higher purpose. If they can get their numbers to dance for 1,000 years when it's clear that just one year exhausts them... then, the question is... what else are they capable of? Sleep lightly, friends.

    Happy New Year.

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    May your waddle diaper stay dry, your plastic panties make lotsa noise, and you feel real comfy in your favourite frillies. Happy new year from a little Aussie

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