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Thread: Why the Diapers?

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    Default Why the Diapers?

    I know a lot of us get the question: "why do you want to wear diapers". I have tried to explain it as best I could. Enjoy
    Why do some ADBL*s Wear Diapers? - YouTube

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    I wear them as a sex-toy, basically. I can't really get "off" without them somehow, somewhere, on my mind. When I drink late into the evening, I often wear so I can just go when I need to... and it gives me a level of sexual contentment that resembles post-orgasm afterglow. I wear after a huge grand-maul argument with my wife, it comforts me. I don't often mess, but I find wetting like a laser that cuts through all my shields, all my efforts to stay focused and stay strong... like a hot shower that washes the filth of public-image stresses away. Not into regression, but it is 110% a stress reliever!

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    Comfort, security. I enjoy them always have, why ive asked myself that many times before accepting myself as who i am. Fighting it just created stress anxiety and a slew of other negative emotions. Never got an answer from myself. So instead of negativity i chose peace with myself and accepted who i was both adult with a little persona I let out to play.

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    I'm not sure why I'm compelled to wear diapers, but I remember at the age of four, wanting to be back into diapers. By the age of six, I was acting on it. I'd have dreams about finding diapers and putting them on. Even at an early age, the were stimulating, if not sexual.

    I was adopted at the age of two, and I believe I spent some time in an adoptive orphanage based on some evidence which followed me. I have no idea what my earliest years were like, but clearly they weren't ideal. Potty training may have been a problem, going from my first home, to an orphanage, and then my adoptive parents. There also may have been feelings of abandonment and rejection. Who knows how these things impact on the young mind.

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    It is a simple question that has a hard to find answer. I often think to myself 'how did I end up doing this?'

    I do not like to deny myself pleasures or feel the need to fall in line with societies norms. Too many people put odd thoughts out of their mind and do not embrace who they are. I owe it to myself to be true to who I am, and somewhere in the far reaches of my brain I shout 'you like wearing nappies, so just wear them!' There is some sexual gratification as well as general soothing/stress relief that plays a part. I used to wet the bed but never really realised I liked nappies till they were taken away after I became dry at night. The fact I wore them every night for so long leads me to think I see them as a 'normal' thing in my life. I was very down when I first stopped wearing, and was much happier when I started wearing again. Maybe the thought of wearing nappies is engrained on my brains pathways and it does not feel complete without them.

    It must have some deep rooted experience from my childhood but, as with Dog above, I cannot place a specific event that answers why I do this. I will not go into specifics, for the fear of going off topic, but I have I do have a few very early nappy related experiences that were positive in some way amongst al the embarrassments of being a bed wetter. Whether or not these have laid a deep seed that came out at a later date is impossible to clarify but most certainly fuelled the desires post bed wetting.

    So to sum up I feel I wear because it keeps me true to myself and gives me a lot of enjoyment as well as comfort.
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    Its hard for me to really say. Its definitely a sexual experience to say the least. But the more I've worn, the more reasons like comfort have also grown on me the more that I've worn. I'm guessing the reasons as for why I enjoy wearing diapers is deeply rooted in me as I've felt this way as long as I can remember. That sums it up for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    I know a lot of us get the question: "why do you want to wear diapers". I have tried to explain it as best I could. Enjoy
    Why do some ADBL*s Wear Diapers? - YouTube
    Nice video.

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    The attraction was there as far back as I can remember. I started actively experimenting with wearing and wetting about age 10 when my sister was born and diapers (cloth) were once again around the house.

    I think i still might've outgrown it except that I inadvertently had my first-ever orgasm in a diaper around age 12. Because of that, it was a couple years before I figured out how, or even attempted to do it in the usual fashion. Pretty sure that put a lock on lifelong attraction.

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    As a young child around the age of 3 or 4, fantasizing of wearing diapers always brought me comfort when I was in trouble or getting punished. I really don't know why diapers play such the role they do in my life, It's just a need and want that's always been there and a means of self soothing and stress relief although it also brings some self shame.

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