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    My name is Waver and the reason why I'm here is because I decided and took a leap of faith and join Adisc. I am a avid blogger, writer, aspiring musician, and gamer. I play call of duty, Pokemon, Kingdom hearts, Final fantasy, etc. I tend to use emotocons in my speak. I also am extremely nervous right now. So yeah hello every one

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. I was nervous about signing up at first too, but there's no need to be; we're mostly a friendly bunch.

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    Welcome. I was also nervous when I joined, but adisc is a frendly place. Do you have any favourite Final Fantasy games?

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    V is my favorite due to its customization. but I love XIII and I am trying to finish it

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    Hi Waver.
    So what's your favourite Pokemon? Mine is Charizard. I love generation 1 and 2 but never really followed it after that.

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    Favorite starter Is Oshawott. He is so Adorable and he is a plushie. Then Dragonite he is a nightmare with that multiscale ability. I think I have plaid most of them except for emerald which is weird.

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