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    Been an... amateur? Part-timer? not sure what to call it... for a long, long time. I have some questions, though...

    FIRST: For those of us who are ... uhh ... well endowed, and are DL in nature, how do we solve the problem of our swelling parts peeking out of the diaper and leaking all over the place? I am not fond of the idea of bondage, so those jiggers that twist you all up so you always pee down are not remotely part of the comfort that I desire when I wear and use... it always turns sexual and I don't regress, so I identify myself as DL and not AB.

    SECOND: I always, always have hard stool. It makes soiling very uncomfortable. [Removed] Anyway to control that?

    Thanks for the input, just curious as to how to make this experience the very best for me!

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    Point it down or you will pee over the top. You might just need to wait to go down before you tape up.

    Start taking fibre supplements and drinking more water.

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    I found that i need to wait awile for 'it' to land and reach home base (soft) so i can point it down.

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    Actually, I think hard stool isn't necessarily a disadvantage; soft ones tend to cause cleanup problems.

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