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Thread: What is the best diaper?

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    Default What is the best diaper?

    I'm not talking looks but wich can hold the most. Lots of people say Abena M4 is and lots of people say Dry 24/7. But what is the true best and what diaper holds the most.

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    For Europe: Tena Slip Maxi (Ultima is thicker, but cloth-like)

    For USA: From what I have read: Bambino (type I don't remember)

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    Seeing as how you can no longer get 24/7 they should be out of the running.
    I would say the M4

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    It depends

    Everyone is made up of different shapes and sizes. And also has different needs/wants in there diapers

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    Bambino Bellisimo's are touted to be among the best... never tried them though. Tena are the shits, but Cushies are pretty good. Not fond of the fit that the single tape offers... tends to leak around the legs

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    I use either Tena slip maxi (euro) or X-plus for day use and I use Bellissimo for night use. These diapers suit me the best. It took me a long time to find out what worked for me. The best diaper is the one that works for you. It may take some time to find the right diaper for you, there are a lot of companies that offer samples for you to try without buying a bag of diapers, take advantage of these offers; you'll find the right one that meets your needs.

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    Very true but I want to know wich diaper is the most absorbent of them all and can hold the most

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    I reckon the plastic-backed Abena M4 is probably the most absorbent "mainstream" diaper on the market. And, personally, I find they fit perfectly and are very comfortable.

    The first production run of Comfisure diapers have a higher absorbency rating on paper (~25% more than an Abena M4) but the absorbent material doesn't "lock in" moisture so well, so a bit of pressure (i.e. from sitting down) would press-out some of the moisture and cause a leak.

    Kolibri Komslip diapers probably have a similar capacity to the Abena M4 (and they feel great too), but they are cut slightly higher at the front (which, on me, isn't such a good fit).

    All-in-all, I'd go for the plastic-backed Abena M4. If you want to increase the absorbency, you can use Abena's Abri-Let stuffers. And to make sure the diaper stays snug, the Abena Bodystockings (onesies) are perfect.

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    Great feedback, Tiny! Any experience with Bambino Classico or Bellisimo for comparision? I am afraid that my experience is rather limited, and those are all pretty exotic for me. I only have experience with a few shitty local brands like depend, tena and attend... and a few "designer" ones, classico, and cushy

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