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    So ....I got a gun and I need alil advice on it ...its a 22 single shot bolt action great...but when i aim it...i have to arm alil higher then the crosshairs show is this common?

    It takes .22 Short, Long or LR ...whats the different in these and what should I get?

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    The LRs have a flatter trajectory than the shorts. Is that what your shooting? The scope has adjustments on the top and side to sight it in for you, the ammo you’re using and the range your shooting from. Look up the scope on the web.


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    about 50-100 yards , and i am just shooting cans

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    .22 LR's are easiest to find and usually everyone has 'em. Find some higher velocity ones to flatten the flight path.

    You should sight your scope in for the distance you usually shoot at if it's only for target practice.
    Is it on target at half distance or closer?
    Do you mean that it shoots lower than the x-hairs or above them? Try giving it about 4 clicks per every inch off center at first, it should get you in the zone. Also, use a bench rest or something to steady it with when you're trying to center it.
    At those distances, I suggest getting a bipod and you can hunt pennies instead of cans

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    im not positive on the trajectory on a .22 LR but my guess is either your sights are off or its just the round dropping over distance. Try moving closer and see if that helps, if it doesn't then its your sights

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