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Thread: Your Ten Favourite Games of all time

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    Question Your Ten Favourite Games of all time

    1 Heroes of Might and Magic II
    2 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
    3 Street Fighter Alpha 3
    4 Gunstar Heroes
    5 Street Fighter III Third Strike
    6 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
    7 Sonic the Hedgehog
    8 Cool Boarders 2
    9 Star Wars Rouge Squadron
    10 Mega Man X

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    In no particular order.
    1. Resident evil remake
    2. Super Mario RPG: legend of the seven stars
    3. Banjo-kazooie
    4. LoZ: Majoras mask.
    5. Pokemon stadium 2
    6. Starfox 64
    7. Smash Brothers Melee
    8. Silent Hill 2
    9. Super Metroid
    10. Megaman 64

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    I'm a follower of series, so where appropriate, I list the series entries that I like, and refuse to differentiate - many of them were my favourite of that era.

    10. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, IV, V
    9. X-Com (the original and the latest installment)
    8. SimCity 2000 and 4
    7. FTL (I spent $9.99 for 282 hours and counting of entertainment, and I doubt I'll ever get tired of it)
    6. Half Life 1 and 2 (plus episodes)
    5. Age of Empires 2 and 3
    4. Mount & Blade and Warband
    3. Warcraft I, II, III - Why they won't reinvest in this rich, wonderful franchise is beyond me. They make enough money developing the story in WoW that they could part with a few million in pocket change to put out a great new entry known as Warcraft 4.
    2. Civilization V, IV, III, II and Original. I'm not even sure how many hundreds or thousands of hours I've poured into this series since I first started playing in 93 or 94, but I have no doubt it's staggering, and perhaps a bit sad to the general public)
    1. Master of Orion (the Original, wins because I don't believe a single year has gone by since 1994 that I haven't played this game)

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    I can't come up with 10 games so here are my 5 favorite games/series. The consoles listed are what I played them on.

    1. 007: Goldeneye - N64
    2. Super Mario Bros. - NES
    3. Dragon Ball Z Budokai series - PS2
    4. Grand Theft Auto series - PS2/Xbox 360
    5. Tony Hawk series - N64/PS2/Xbox 360

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    1. Kingdom Hearts Series
    2. Star wars KOTOR
    3. GTA SA
    4. The Elder Scrolls 4 & 5
    5. Forza Horizon
    6. Destroy all humans
    7. Fallout 3
    8. Assassins Creed 3 & 4
    9. Dukes Of Hazzard Return of the General Lee
    10. Mass Effect

    Honerable Mentions:

    1. Gears Of War Series
    2. Halo series
    3. Gran Turismo
    4. FarCry 3
    5. Dishonered
    6. Everywhere Road Trip (PS2 vehicle racing RPG)
    7. saints Row

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    cow-boys and Indians (i was always the indian)
    snow-ball fights (in the winter)
    bobsled racing (in the winter)
    hide and seek
    roller skating
    bike riding

    Opps one too many...

    can i also add pinball to the list?
    and maybe "Pong" too, i really liked that one.....
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    Right now I only have a few games

    Elite Dangerous Alpha
    Lord of the Rings online
    Civ 5
    Star Ruler

    Hay Hobbes try Star Ruler it kinda like Master of Orion. But the maps can be HUGE.

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    1. played Pitfall all the way to the end
    2. Astroids all the way to the end
    3. Wizardry for the Apple e II. all the way to the end
    4. Torak on Nintendo
    5. Legend of Zelda
    6. All three Diablo, beat 'em all on all 3 levels

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    I had to look this one up, but on further investigation, we called this Red Ass, or when adults were around, Red Butt. It's amazing how a word that means the same thing can be socially acceptable but another can be so vulgar.

    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    cow-boys and Indians (i was always the indian)
    We never really played this one, I think it's a generational thing probably, or cultural thing perhaps. Westerns were not in style at all when I was little. Cops and Robbers is far closer, though it was more like Feds and Drug Dealers or something more vile.

    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    roller skating
    bike riding
    Are those really games? I guess if you're racing somebody - and I suppose you can actually lose (ie: if you wipe out, you may become severely brain damaged)... I think I just convinced myself that they are indeed games.

    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    can i also add pinball to the list?
    Pinball's graphics are so unrealistic - now a Pinball simulator, there's some accurate representation! (kidding) While I had some opportunities to play pinball growing up, it's a chore and a half to find one these days. The last examples I found were some amazing looking Star Trek and Star Wars machines, unplugged and neglected, in the middle of a busy laundromat. To be fair, in a strange twist, I've seen more pinball machines (unplugged and unused) than actual arcade machines in any state of use, in the past decade.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
    Hay Hobbes try Star Ruler it kinda like Master of Orion. But the maps can be HUGE.
    I did try it a while back, but didn't give it a fair shake I don't think. It is real time though isn't it? Plus I have a short attention span - I can knock off a small game of MOO on Hard in 2 or 3 hours. I do indeed own Star Ruler though, and I'll be giving it another shot (or any number of shots), as well as Star Drive, Endless Space and Space Empires (which is also a lot like MOO, but developed by an ubernerd control freak)

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    Well you can stop time. Speed up time. If you try again but Download the Galactic Armory MOD.

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