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Thread: Best Bulky Diaper?

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    Default Best Bulky Diaper?

    Bambino bellisimo?
    Tena Maxi slip?
    Abena M4?
    Wellness briefs?

    requirements Must be able to take large volumes of wetness.

    looking to make another case purchase and wasnt to satisfied with the bambino bianco i bought.
    I am mostly DL, and wear at night and enjoy flooding many times and then wearing all night. looking to find new case to add to my collection of diapers
    lately ive been cutting my bambino biancos to like a pad and cutting them so they can leak to the 2nd diaper and then putting them in a abena M4. This has been my favorite atm

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    Bellisimo is the best out of your "criteria".

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    I'm sort of curious what you didn't like about the bambino bianco? Its usually considered 3rd best. The bellisimo were second, and the now non-exsistant Dry24X7 were first.


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    I LOVED Bambino Classico's... though Cushies were pretty good, too. Been eager to try Bellisimos... but they're so expensive!

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    Abena M4 are thicker slightly while dry, but they end up holding signifigantly less than the bambino, which may have the highest SAP ratio of any diaper out atm.

    Also, because SAP swells up a lot when wet, bambinos tend to get 'puffier' than most diapers, ESPECIALLY the bellisimo.

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    SAP? What about other brands? Cushies? Tranquitlity? Molicare?

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    I have worn just about every premium diaper out there and would rate them for absorbency as follows: (excluding expensive european ones)

    bambino bellisimo
    abena m4
    tena slip maxi
    bambino teddy/bianco/classico
    abu cushie/sdk/sissy
    Abena m3

    just to name a few

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoreCrafter View Post
    SAP? What about other brands? Cushies? Tranquitlity? Molicare?
    From what I know, Tranquility has a TON of SAP but is, unfortunately, pretty thin for the most part. SAP is good to have, but it isn't the only important part of a diaper. The best diapers (like bambino) manage to balance thickness (pulp) with SAP content in a way that leads to awesome absorbency.

    Molicare, while not quite in the same league as a Bellissimo, are still very good medium-high end diapers. As for Cushies, I honestly have no idea, as I don't buy anything from ABU, for personal reasons.

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    If you are looking for mega-absorbency, no single diaper is going to do it for you. While some diapers like the fabine, bellissmo, or 24/7 have huge theoretical max capacities, the diaper is going to leak, tear, or fall off before reaching that max capacity. You are on the right track with layering. Adding stuffers will increase capacity, but you also need to add layers (cut or punctured so they leak through) for structural stability. If you were to limit yourself to 2 diapers, try a punctured, high capacity diaper under a well-built top diaper. The inner diaper will hold most of the load, while the outer diaper will catch much of the leakage, and help hold the inner diaper in place. This can be all sorts of fun, because there is no end to the potential combinations of inner diapers, stufers, and top layers. Just start experimenting, and have some fun

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    Somebody has to jump in with this. Might as well be me.

    A good overnight cloth diaper will give you outstanding bulk even when you choose not to wet. Paired with plastic pants, they'll hold an awful lot without leaking as well.

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