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Thread: AB & DL New Year's Resolution

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    Default AB & DL New Year's Resolution

    My resolution for this upcoming new year is to focus on my studies and score a reasonable grade for my diploma. Since this upcoming new year is my final year of my course, I need to put an extra effort and focus on my studies. For my little side I will just be as little as possible. what is your new year's resolution ?

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    Mine is to be a better artist, storyteller and be more confident in my own work.
    Also, try to be better at talking to people both here and in real life.
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    Find a better job and I hope my car insurance will pay the costs of the crash I had last month .-. aand 1 more year coping with my IC..

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    I've never made a New Year's resolution and have no plans for one this year!

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    Decided to drop my resolutions for this year, just for the chance of failure. But hoping to be able to train regulary again, both with football and gym. Beside that become better at my new job!

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    I want to drop 40 lbs this year. Already started counting calories, and pretty sore from the exercise, but time to do it again today! I also plan to tell my partner about my love of diapers in 2 weeks when we have time to talk :-)

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    There are a lot of things I need to do to improve myself, and I've made a good start at some already. I refuse to wrap them around the New Year, because that would doom them to failure.

    P.S. I detest other people's resolutions as well. Every January, my lap lane at the pool gets clogged up with noobs who have no concept of pool etiquette, and who think they can keep up because I don't look like I'm working hard. Fortunately they're gone by Valentine's day.

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    See you at the pool Maxx! ;-)

    I do plan on staying past February though :-)

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    I don't usually do New Year's Resolutions, but here are the things I'd like to do this year: pay down my current debt to 50% of what it is now, go padded at least one night per month, be a better aunt to my nephew, write more, and make at least one new friend.

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    I retired from my teaching job this month, so I do have goals for the new year. I want to keep writing, as well as get my novel edited and published. I want to get a Y membership and get back into shape after my back surgery this April. My wife asked me if I was going to be diapered more, now that I'm retired, and is said, yeah, probably....teehee. Welcome the new year!!!

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