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    I had a blankie from when I was born. It was an orange and white crocheted wool one and it went everywhere with me till I was about 8. It's still back at my parents' house. In my early 20's I bought a beige fleece blankie but it went bobbly quite quickly and wasn't that nice. Fortunately about 5 years ago, I found another beige fleece blankie in a storage room in my house that must have belonged to someone else for picnics etc. It was fluffier on one side so I washed it, dried it, folded it in half so it was fluffy either side and adopted it.

    I sleep with him every night and I love him so much. He has been there for me when I've felt no-one else has been. He doesn't answer back, get angry, hurt me, abandons me, he's just blankie always. He's about 1.5m squared so pretty big and I drape him over 1 of the 2 soft duvets I have in bed. Then I cuddle the duvet. His softness against my face is soothing and comforting. He keeps me warm in my favourite season, winter because that is when I can wear the thickest nappies, tights, baby clothes, sleep under 2 duvets and wrap blankie around my head.

    When I'm happy, I kiss and cuddle blankie before I leave the house and watch movies with him downstairs. If I wet a lot during the night and some wee leaks onto him, I wash and dry him immediately and I tell him I'm sorry for hurting him, that I love him and will he be my friend again? When I'm upset and cry, I hold blankie and let my tears drip onto him. I hold him close until I'm no longer distressed then I lie down and sleep with him after feeling emotionally drained.

    You can have anything you like, but you can never have my best friend, blankie!


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    Ain't the only one who loves their blankie!!! I have two I sleep with, one a Cleveland Browns blankie my mom made me and I have a baseball one that I use regularly as well- both are important due to the fact my mom made them for me. I now use my Cleveland Browns one since my baseball one is at my parents getting washed- I do NOT trust the washing machines or dryers where I live with important stuff!

    I've also still got my original baby blankie which stays on my bed with my stuffed killer whales that keep me company. I cannot sleep without a blankie or my favorite whale Dee Dee.

    Every day, Dee Dee and my blankie go out to my living room and to their spot on my couch where they spend the day. I think nothing of sucking on my thumb and holding my blankie while I watch Dallas, Dukes of Hazzard, Cleveland Browns football, Cleveland Indians baseball, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad or whatever catches my fancy!


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    I love my blankies to my favorite is one my mommy made me it has puppy dogs and bones on it! Its so hard to go to sleep without one of my blankies and my stuffed giraffe named spots!

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    I had a blankie when I was little. I always held it while I was sucking my thumb. One day I was convinced by an adult that I needed to stop such a terrible habit and so I bravely threw my blankie in the bin. I wish said adult had encouraged me to just put the blankie away somewhere so that I had it now. I do however have a blanket that was bought for me when I was born and that I and the rest of the family always snuggled up with when we were poorly. I used to let my babies use it too but it is getting old now and I have put it away for safe keeping.

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    I slept with my blankie from when I was born until I was 18 until it was cruelly taken away from me because I was going into college... Not fair.. I want it back

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    From the time I was maybe 2 until the time I was 12, I had a blankie that my grandmother made for me. She was a true swordswoman with those knitting needles. I loved that blankie fiercely until one day- my parents took it away from me.

    I was 12, I was devastated, and it took me a week before I was able to fall asleep without it.

    I cried, a lot. I hid my tears from my folks, because I wanted to be brave. I wanted to show them I could grow up and not have to depend on my blanket for comfort and security, but inside I was screaming. I was angry. It made no sense, my blankie was harmless. Separating me from it was cruel, though they thought they were doing the right thing. It left a wound that healed ugly and scarred.

    Eight years later I am living with my first boyfriend. I ended up adopting a blankie that his mother made for him. It becomes MINE. Even after we split up and I move out, the blankie comes with me. I've taken it on tours across the country several times with my band. I've taken it everywhere for the last 21 years. My husband tried to joke the other night about what would happen if I had to choose. I looked at him and watched him wilt. I will NEVER surrender my blankie again. I've had this since even before I knew what an AB was, I will not let it go. When I die it will be buried or cremated with my remains. And if anyone tries to take it from me, well, let's just say they won't find it an easy conquest. My blankie is a part of me and I won't be separated from it.

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    I'm so bummed that I lost my baby blanket when I was 14. Man, that thing. So many memories. It was way too small for me then but I still slept with it every night. Now I use plushies but it still, whenever I remember it I get a little lonely. I thought about sewing my own sometime, although I'm not sure what I'll make it out of.

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    I had a yellow blanket with a silky edge that my mum made from teenage years up until I was about 30. I called it sniffy blanket cos I used to put the edge of it to my face with nose on the cloth and satin edging on my lips - its a great effect!

    It got loads of holes in it eventually so I just cut off a bit near the edge.

    Got a 'new' one a couple of years ago thats really a cot blanket, white with air holes and again a wide satin edge so its my favourite now but I have some others as spares!

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