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Thread: diapered 24/7? How do you do it. (rubbing rash)-NEW TO ALL DAY WEAR

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    Angry diapered 24/7? How do you do it. (rubbing rash)-NEW TO ALL DAY WEAR

    so today was one of the first times i went most of the day wearing a diaper. I was wearing a Bambino Bianco.
    SO heres my issue. as i've read very many of you wear 24/7. today i wore for maybe 20 hours, I didn't wet once as i was out with friends at the bar and didn't want to waddle around.
    Upon removal and during the last hours my thighs were BURNING!!! This is due to the constant rubbing of the plastic from the front of the bambino to my thighs**FYI On the outside area of the diaper**. Ive shaved my areas for a very long time so i know its not razor burn/rash... but like i said my legs are on fire. So i took off the diaper at 7pm
    (back story i wear diapers at night 3-5 nights a week depending on mood and supply)

    Tonite for my evening Play/sleep nappy 11pm-9am i made a modded diaper to 2 Abena M4s but cut down the first one like a pad for the 2nd. but since the added bulk didn't help the rubbing i had to take them off @3 am only after 3-4 wettings, and i know i could have left it on all morning and maybe 6-8 floodings.
    So heres my question How do you help protect your legs from rubbing rash from an all day wear/ via when sitting prolonged it causes the diaper to bunch hence the fire legs?( not willing to go to cloth backed diapers) currently im rubbing as much lotion as i can to calm the fire in my thighs. but there has to be a better way. Any opinions/comments could help.
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    I dont know about prevention, although i suppose it may help, but Gold Bond Medicated Powder does wonders for all my chaffing issues diaper and gym related. Uh... but dont get it on your nethers... the burn is unGodly.

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    I recommend J&J pure cornstarch with aloe and vitamin E. That is all I need to go fresh free of rashes (I wear almost 24/7)

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    I've been 24/7/365 for 8 years and I never had that problem. I use Bambino's too. Baby powder and Desitin (only when a rash is starting) is all I need to stay comfortable all day long.

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    I like scented!

    Quote Originally Posted by foxkits View Post
    Baby powder if you can find unsented

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    I do 24/7 and never had that issue. Tho those with more sensitive skin,
    or if you have dry skin, you can get problems a lot easier.

    Is it in the inside diaper area or outside where it rubs?
    Staying wet in a diaper for prolonged times just increases rash chance.
    Baby powder or something similar should help.

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    I would love to go 24/7 just for a week... Gah but my work gets in the way :-(

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    Lotion may assist. Just be aware, the mineral oil in some commercial baby lotions (Johnson's, Baby Magic etc...) may eat away at the binding agents (Mostly around the back of your leg, IIRC) in certain products.

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    Strictly to the area outside the diaper, the thighs where the diapers edgeis where the bulk of the front gathers. been un diapered for 12 hours legs still burn from what the bambino did.

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