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    Looking to buy nappies now as companies wont send anymore samples.

    My criteria is:
    Under $50
    Reasonably thick
    Postage to Aus

    Im a DL and not incontinent
    I have made a list here:

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    The list needs a google account - and I'm certainly not going that route.

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    Do tena slip find their way to Aus?

    Also is Aus Australia or Austria?

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    From Independence Aus:
    The Abriform M3 medium is in the same line as the legendary Abena Abriform M-4, just fractionally thinner. Still a fantastic thick diaper. I think the M-4 air plus are cloth-backed and therefore not that great. I don't know the Tena line very well, because it is hard to find plastic backed Tenas in the US (have you figured out that I'm a "plastic-backed fan" yet?). Still, every Tena product I have tried has been of excellent quality. The AMD SLIP MAXI looks interesting because of it's absorbency rating, but beware. How much it can soak up doesn't matter if it leaks, tears, or falls off. Sometimes the highest-capacity diaper isn't the best.
    From Incontinence Products | The Affordable Alternative | 100% Australian Made & Owned
    I don't know- cloth/reusable diapers area whole different game. I love them, but I don't know this supplier's product.
    The Unique Wellness brief is the perfect example of a ultra high capacity diaper that doesn't perform. It does not fit well and it's tapes are prone to releasing or tearing the diaper. If you like to layer diapers, it makes a great bottom or mid layer.
    From again, the Molicare Super Plus is a great choice- the rest look like stretchy cloth-backed diapers.

    In summary:

    There are probably some really cool options in the Tenas available to you- some Google time, or someone who knows better than me could help you pick.

    The Molicare Super-Plus is awesome. It is super thick, with really soft and stretchy plastic backing material. For the record, it is light purple, and a bit institutional looking; its fit is chunky and you need to rub the tapes in well, or they may fail. Overall, one of the best diapers ever made.

    The (Abena) Abriform M-3 is also an amazing diaper. If you could find the M-4, I'd go or that (who doesn't like a slightly thicker diaper?), but the M-3 is plenty thick. The entire Abriform line, M-1 through M-4 are the best quality, best built, and best performing diapers on the market. They fit closer than the
    Molicare, have slightly firmer backing plastic, and are a little thinner. (Both the M-4 and the Molicare get their thickness from lots of cellulose fluff mixed with SAP. The SAP holds liquid best, while fluff adsorbs floods and wicks the best. Lots of both = a great, high-capacity diaper. The Abriform line all has similar amounts of SAP, but the amount of fluff (and thickness) increases as the #s go up). The Abriforms are white, but have a weird, off-center pattern of lines on them. Definitely not babyish, but less institutional than the Molicare.

    Have fun with your nappys!

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    I like M4s, thick n comfy, there are some for $27 from Independence Australia(see spreadsheet) and something else. I don't use them or need them but as long as i can feel them on and the tape stays on.

    I need to check postage unless i can pick them up at a chemist.
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    Hey Justo,

    I've ordered from Independence Australia and have tried most of their tape up products. If you order online its free delivery. Here's my opinion for a few I like:

    Molicare Super plus: These are quite thick and one of the only plastic diapers you can get. They are a purplish colour. Tapes are pretty good.

    AMD Maxi: These are imported from France and hold up quite well. Tapes a great. Good fit.

    Tena Slip Maxi: Now cloth backed but actually have a good fit and thickness. They can be a bit on the expensive side

    Abena Abriform M3: Unfortuantely all Abena products are now cloth. The M4s only come in the Air Plus range. I've recently brought a pack and found them not as good. The M3s are cloth backed but not the air plus crap. Hold up pretty well. They now have velcro tabs.

    Depend Super plus: These aint the same as what you get in the pharmacy. They are quite thick. Tapes are a bit fiddly though.

    Saying all that, if you wet your diapees all of these bulge up really nicely :P

    Hope this helps

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