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Thread: Tips for Public Wearing

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    Default Tips for Public Wearing

    Tips for public Wearing

    Okay, I know that there is some stuff about this already in the Wiki, but if someone could add this to it that would be most grand.

    So, I have worn in public many many times. It is no big deal! For people who are worried about getting caught, you most likely will not, unless you are at like a YMCA or some place where you have to get undressed.
    -I have worn to a dead scilent libray with an assurence on, I could barley hear it myself, so I donít think anyone else did.
    - It is hard to even notice someone wearing a bulky diaper, unless you are a girl and go out in skinny jeans. Sure, there is an added size to your butt, but that isnít the focus point on your body. I have worn a secure X-plus out in public and looking in the miror I could see a diaper bulge, but only because I knew what was on underneath, for the passer-by-er they wonít beable to tell.
    - If you need to mess, I caution you not to do it in your diaper, It is hard to clean up in a public restroom, plus it is just rude to make others smell that. But, I have done it once and the advice IU have for that, do it in a stall in your diaper. Or close to one, then change in there.

    So, bottom lineÖ You need not fear getting caught. Even if you are in a library chances are getting caught are slim, now If someone who seeís you frequently are there, then your detecion risk is slightly higher, but anyways donít be afraid!

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    While it's good information, it's better to have information in the Wiki that isn't personal experiences...Like for you, you shouldn't give your example of what happened, but just have it has a more generic information...That way more people can related to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shu View Post
    I am a girl and I wear skinny jeans! damn!

    Tight jeans cut down on noise, I know that from personal experience. Try using a larger belt, or a waist scarf/sash, or a larger shirt. There are things you could do that prevent the diaper from being noticed when wearing tight jeans.

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    I kinda did...

    Wear a larger shirt that covers most of your butt area.
    Tuck in your shirt, and wear some sort of large belt, or waist scarf.
    Tie a sweater around your waist.
    Don't wear an overly bulky diaper, like a Bambino.
    Carry around a large purse or bag that you could use to quickly hide your front or back if you think someone is paying particular attention.

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    I wear quite a lot. Most of the time except for work..And one in a wile ther too. Most people do not noice anythin outsde of their little bubble. So one you arecofortable waring then you wil noteven notice if smeone doesnotice ou ae wering.

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    Well, I hope this helps you out. I wear 24/7/365. I use large and thick cloth diapers for several reasons, for which I won't into again here, {check my profile if you want to know} but I use pants that are a size larger, and wear a long shirt that I don't tuck in, so it helps hide my butt. You can tell I'm wearing if you get a look at my bottom, but I try not to let anyone get a good look. I have never ever had anyone ask me, or make a rude comment about it that I've ever heard anyways, so I think I'm doing a good job of hiding it.
    All my friends and family already know, because of the reason I wear, so I don't have to worry about them anymore.

    When I was using disposables, they weren't really noticeable, just not very effective at controlling my problem.

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