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    My, my,
    what to say? I am searcher. I've been a AB for a long time, but when actually being cared for full time by a Mommy for a couple of months I couldn't take it anymore.
    I've always worn diapers as much as I could, and still do, so now I must just be another diaper lover.
    I have been around awhile, traveled a bit, had different relationships, been a petulant, spoiled, child and have grown some too.
    I have been looking at things differently over the last few years, reading literature, studying the Cosmos, reading about being self-aware, trying to learn my place in the Universe (or Multi-verse?).
    Yes, I still like to wear diapers, I wear them every night, I derive comfort from them, yet they are not who I am, diapers do not define me.
    Now I like to wonder about the beauty of life, and the purpose of our being. I like to think about what the meaning of life is.
    I am still searching, and am having a little fun with it too. Maybe I was made as the person I am so that God could remind people that he does have a sense of humor too.

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