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Thread: AB surprise!

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    Talking AB surprise!

    Well it's finally happened!
    I have loved my terry nappies & plastic pants since I was about 6-7 years old and have always had my 48" terry nappies with me although I needed to hide them!
    Well, my darling eventually found my hiding place! And not only found my terry nappy and plastic pants sets but also my paci and my new footed sleeper (the one with snaps all way down to ankles!)
    Cut a long story short, I came home from work and was greeted at the door with a very pleasant 'hello my baby, have you had a good day," and was led upstairs by her hand (thinking she must feel hot!?)
    When she opened the bedroom door and there on the bed was my nappy folded ready for me with a thick doubler, my plastic pants, and my footed sleeper , plus baby powder and nappy cream all just lying there waiting!!
    I asked her "what's all this about?" she replied, I found your baby stash of things! And have decided that you either play it my way, or your friends will know!!
    I started apologising for not telling her my desires and tried to explain it all to her, but she wasn't interested in what I had to say,as she told me that she had suspected it for a while but when she actually found the baby items, she decided to humour me by playing my mommy!
    All I could do was, go along and see where or how far she would go with it.
    She undressed me ,creamed me,powdered me, and dressed me in thick nappies and put on my sleeper, then led me to the spare room and put me to bed with a bottle of milk!!!
    By this stage I was bursting to go to which she replied"use your nappy baby,that's what it's for!!" so I let go a huge one and flooded my nappy!
    Now, problem is, I don't mind playing baby cause I am one!! BUT..she hasn't told me how long this is going on for!?
    Do you think I should just stop everything and have it with her as to "Is she serious?" or should I just go along with it and enjoy"
    It was all quite a shock to me ,but when I got into the little me mode, I just enjoyed it!!
    Please suggest "Where to go to from here?"

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    Umm. It sounds so close to what many people would want here as a part of their fantasy, that it doesn't seem real sounding XD. (not something I fantasize about, but many here do.)

    So have fun...Or not. What does someone say to you in this situation? Not sure what to say? Somehow "Have Fun" seems slightly inappropriate. I don't know. Congratulations, and I hope it doesn't backfire or something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by byelsimlaw View Post
    ....Please suggest "Where to go to from here?"
    Write a nice request to the mods and if they are in a generous mood, they may place this in the "Story's" section of the forums.

    Hope this helps.

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