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    FINALLY got my sample pack of Libero comfort 7 from the states, via ebay...was really excited for these and gotta say I was pretty disapointed! The diaper itself was slightly larger then a baby-dry 6 (what I am wearing right now), and the absorbency was awesome, but the tabs were absolute garbage, essenstially Huggies stretchy (or lack thereof), making them unwearable without modification. Anyone considering paying the large costs of ordering these may want to consider this...


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    Yea they changed their product. The old ones where the ones people said where one of the largest baby diapers.

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    What was the old design? I am curious what was so cool.

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    Curious to see some pictures of the product here if you have some, never heard about them ???

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    @ YankeeFox and Codybaby: Try Google, you will see pictures of both. The red one with a bunny on the front is the old design, the flowery one is the current design.

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    Just discovered their new product line also, didn't know they had some kind of goodnites called sleep comfort, wish I could try them, but I doubt that they are available outside of UK without a premium price for the delivery...

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    Oh, Ok. I've seen them then. The red bunny ones were sooo cute, too bad they stopped making them. T.T (Not that I have ever seen them for sale in the states anyway)

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    I think the largest "baby" diaper is Goo.n Bigger than Big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    I think the largest "baby" diaper is Goo.n Bigger than Big.
    I think those have been discontinued. I haven't been able to find them anymore.

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