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Thread: Sleeping with a Pacifier

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    Default Sleeping with a Pacifier

    I fall asleep with a pacifier in most nights and like a lot of people, I wake up to find that it's fallen out during the night and then have to go searching for it. I suppose that problem could be solved with one of those clips that attach the paci by a ribbon to your shirt, but if possible, I'd like to train myself to keep it in at night and continue sucking on it since that would be preferable.

    Does anyone know of any tips or ways to train yourself to keep sucking on a paci while you're asleep? Or am I just going to have to accept that the morning after frantic-search-through-the-pillows is part and parcel of AB life? Thank you!

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    what type of paci do you have? i keep most pacifiers during night, but mostly only use my nuk 5s, and they wont fall out

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    I have a Nuk 5. I love it but it'd be even better if I could keep it in my mouth until morning.

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    Pacifier clip is the only thing i've found that works, better than frantic hunt in the morning or the hopes that the puppy didn't get a hold of it, cuz its hit the floor a few times. Even with the nuk 5 i still need the pacifier clip.

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    It takes practice sleeping with it. I have nuk 7's that I use that stay in all night. Although I do use clip with them in case one falls out during the night.

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    Ah, not the answer I was hoping for, but thank you. You're right, better to invest in a clip than have to search for it, especially with pets. I have cats and one of them has chewed through silicone before so I wouldn't put it past him to ruin my paci that way.

    Thank you!

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    I have a normal paci I want to get a nuk 5 but I find myself biteing down on it to keep it in without knowing while I sleep. Do you think if I had a bigger one like a nuk 5 I would be more inclined to suck on it instead?

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    I have been lucky enough to be able to sleep with one for the last couple nights. Instead of clipping it to me, I have been clipping it to the blankie I snuggle with. Keeps it right where I want it even if it falls out at night. No searching for it, and the animals don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chronos51 View Post
    Nuk7? Where can i get one???
    Pacifiers R Us, makes a Nuk pacifier that they call the Size 7. It's not an official pacifier from Nuk, since the largest they make is a 5. But you can search for their website, and look at them. They have both a silicone and latex "Nuk 7", you can get them on various guards. Just be warned. They are a bit pricey. If you want one, be prepared to spend $40 or more.

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